How to Delete Facebook Permanently or Deactivate Facebook Account

how to delete permanently or deactivate facebook account
Delete Facebook Permanently | Deactivate Facebook Account
Do you want to delete Facebook permanently? Do you want to deactivate your Facebook account? If yes, welcome to this space. If you want to delete your Facebook account then you are not alone, go to, and search with the query "dele", you will get the top suggestion as "delete Facebook" which has around 3 billion solutions. Lets you want to hide or remove all the info of your Facebook account then you have only two options to do this. You can either deactivate your Facebook account or permanently delete it, both are different. The differences between them are following. Therefore, here is a quick guide to understand the difference between deactivate or permanently delete Facebook account.

May I help you? It seems you are here for deleting your Facebook account due to a reason. You can sort out this by the following links.

Download Facebook Data/Information to Desktop Hard Drive

how to download facebook information in desktop hard drive
Download Facebook Information
This is my first post, and very happy to become a permanent writer on this blog under Facebook tips category. Today, I am going to show you that how can you download all your Facebook information like your shared content, friends list, photos, videos, notes, messages, comments and status updates into your desktop hard drive or computer/laptop via a zip file. Having your Facebook data to your computer is a good idea for any case, if you lost them from Facebook for any reason. Basically, Facebook provided you an easy steps to download all your Facebook data into your desktop hard drive, but mostly persons don't know where to start so that is why here is a simple and quick guide to download all Facebook data to computer hard drive.  Hope it will help you.

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Browse Facebook using Keyboard Shortcuts : Firefox, Chrome

Today, I am sharing some keyboard shortcuts by which you can browse your Facebook account without using mouse. I have compared both method to browse the Facebook, and find out that using keyboard shortcuts you can even save your time too. Facebook is most popular than any other social networking sites because Facebook has inbuilt powerful features which suits everyone i.e., control your privacy over Facebook, Hiding your online status, showing online friends while offline, different text formatting, hiding mobile numbers to strangers and connect other social network. There are so many other features that make Facebook more different. Therefore, here is a quick table that shows you to browse Facebook account without using keyboard.
how to browse facebook using keyboard shortcuts
Browse Facebook via Keyboard

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