How to Make Google Plus ID Card | Google+ Identity Card

Do you want to make your Google+ ID Card? Do you want to show off your Google plus identity card to your friends on your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts? In this post, we will generate your Google+ id card. Don't take it seriously as it is just for fun, similar as creating your Facebook ID card. If you don't have created your Facebook id card, you can create one! You don't need to do anything to generate your Google+ id card, just you have to sign into your Facebook and Google+ accounts and few clicks required from the source. You can easily download your Google plus identity card to your local hard drive as an image. You can upload it on your various social networks. I have searched over the web to generate Google+ id card, most of the sites are not working except the one we will mention following. Therefore, here is an easy way to make Google plus id card.

google plus identity card generator
Google+ ID Card

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android Mobiles

Do you want to schedule your WhatsApp messages on your android mobiles? Do you often forget to wish your friends on their birthday? If yes, here is an easy way to set your time and date for your WhatsApp messages and recipient to send automatic messages. You don't need to wake up at 12 o'clock and send birthday messages to your friends. To scheduling WhatsApp messages you don't need to root your android devices, however few applications need rooted device to schedule your WhatsApp messages. The following app is not only scheduling your WhatsApp message, you can also schedule your Facebook status, email, SMS and even it can notify you for call to someone as notification. Overall this app is awesome, you will really love it. Therefore, here is a quick and step by step guide to schedule your WhatsApp message on your android Smartphone.

how to schedule your whatsapp messages on android

Share Laptop or Desktop PC Speaker to Android Mobiles

Do you want to listen music on your android mobile that play on your old age laptop or desktop PC? If yes, your search will now going to end here. In this article, I will show you an easy way to share your laptop speakers with your android mobile phones. One of my friends has an old age laptop with speaker problem, and you would also agree that the audio problem is common in old age laptops or desktop PCs. You can listen music played on your laptop even your built-in speaker has stopped working through your android phone's speaker.

how to use android mobile as speakers for laptop

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