Google Penguin 2015 Updates

In this post, I will consider to show you the history of Google penguin updates from the old one to the latest one up to 2015. Google penguin is now a very well known name in the internet, and everybody is aware from penguin. Before showing Google penguin updates history, let us we know about it, and discuss which site can be affected by the penguin? Google penguin was first released on April 24, 2012 that affects around 3.1% search queries for English language. Here is a simple definition of Google Penguin.

Google Penguin Update Timeline in 2015
Google Penguin Updates| Photo Credit: @Pixabay

Make Blogger Label, Static Page URLs Similar like WordPress

Do you want to remove the "label" slug from your label pages in Blogger? Want to remove "/p" from your static pages in Blogger? Here is a simple trick by which you can show your own permalink structures for your label, static or archive pages in Blogger. Have you seen my navigation bar inside the header? They are all label pages, you may just hover your mouse cursor on the link to view the permalink structure that might be visible to the bottom left area. Similarly, I have added my static pages into the footer area, you may go to the place and check the permalink structure those are clean like a WordPress blog. You can also change your category and static pages URLs like as a WordPress blog.

easy way to make blogger navigation links like WordPress blog
Photo Credit: @pixabay

Add HTML Signature/Backlink below every Post in FeedBurner Feed

Why do you need to add a signature with a backlink to your original blog post? I think you know the reason very well but still I will repeat it. Adding quality content to your blog is a major factor for the success, but what if someone scraps and published your content to their blog without your permission. It feels very bad since you don't have control to others what they do, but at-least you can get a credit each time your content published on other blogs. Most of the scrapers use auto blogging tool which is based on the RSS. The tool can scrap the content from RSS feed, and publish to the destination blog link. It means, if you want to get a credit from your scraper, you should add a signature including backlink to your blog post in your Blogger feed.

how to add backlink in feedburner feed
Photo Credit: @pixabay

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