Enabling HTTPS in Blogger? Think Twice for SEO Disadvantages

Do you want to enable HTTPS integration to your BlogSpot domain? If yes, you must read this article before switching over HTTPS from HTTP in your Blogger sub-domain. Yes, I know you have heard that HTTPS is now a ranking signal that can boost your rank slightly. I have taken a look on HTTPS enabled blogspot blog, and found major SEO disadvantages that you must know before applying it on your sub-domain. Enabling HTTPS for your blog cannot be a bad thing for SEO, but due to the functionality Blogger provides in the current time is not suitable for better SEO, since recently Blogger has announced HTTPS support for Blogger. Google is yet to announce HTTPS support for custom domains, currently it is only available for blogspot sub-domains. I will suggest you to wait for announcing it for custom domains, and some basic functionality to be working fine. I will update this article as the things going to perfect for the blogspot users. You may subscribe our newsletter or simply like us on Facebook to update with the latest news on Blogger. In this article, we will talk about the major issues if you enable HTTPS support in Blogger. Before turning on this feature, you should wait for fixing the issue by Google.

Blogger HTTPS Support and SEO Disadvantes

Change Image on Mouseover (CSS): Create Rollover Image Effect in Blogs

Changing image on mouseover is used to make your site more attractive for your readers. You have to use two images for creating a rollover image. The image you are normally display on your blogs, let it says primary image. Now, we want another image that will be display when a user hover the mouse on the primary image, let it says secondary image. Basically a rollover image is a secondary image that can be view by hovering your mouse on the primary image. When a page loads, all the secondary images using in the document will be loaded completely so when you hover your mouse on the primary image, you'll view roll over image instantly without further loading. You can use two different images or slightly different images change in colors only (used for social media share buttons) for creating rollover image effect. You can also use rollover image effect to show the price of the product as secondary image, and the product image as primary image.

Checkout the live demo by the following image. Hover your mouse on the following image to view secondary image.


Hide WhatsApp Images/Photos & Videos from Gallery in Android / iPhone

Don't want to show your whatsapp photos or videos in your Smartphone gallery? Here is a quick guide, just follow the simple steps and your friend wouldn't be able to view your whatsapp folder in your android or iPhone mobile. Android mobile phones are booming these days that covers low budget phones to high budget phones. In returns, you may look almost everyone has Smartphones. As android or iOS users increasing, it is now very easy to connect with friends via social networks and messengers applications like Facebook messenger, whatsapp, line or hike. All the applications are free of cost that you can download from Google play store. Let we talk about messenger application, then whatsapp is one of the best and generally liked by everyone which is now own by Mr. Zuck.

how to hide whatsapp from gallery
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