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  • Change Blogger Static Page URL | Custom Permalink Blogger Pages

    Hello Bloggers and visitors. I am writing this post after a long time. Come back again in Blogging. Recently I have added a static page on my blog, but I can't find any way to create my own permalink structure for the page. Blogger doesn't allow me to create own static page URL but Blogger pages allow. I have searched over the web as much as possible, but I didn't find any way to do this. In the search, there are so many methods to do it and I have done almost all the possibilities, but I could not change the Blogger static page URL, since, there are no old Blogger interface I have found on the Blogger dashboard.

    change blogger static page url

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  • How To See / Show Online Friends on Facebook While Being Offline

    Do you want to see who is online on Facebook while you are offline? This post has a solution for you. In Gmail, you can easily check who is online without showing you online to your friends by choosing the invisible status. Therefore, you can always see who is online, but nobody could be able to see you online. In Facebook, There is no option to select your status as invisible in the chat. Therefore, if you want to show your online friends, you have to go online on Facebook. Thanks to a Facebook application that makes it possible to show the online friends while you are offline.

    how to see online facebook friends when I am offline
    See Your Online Facebook Friends While You are Offline

  • Use Bold/Italic/Underline Text in Facebook Chat/Wall/Status Updates

    how to style font with bold italic underline on facebook chat
    Font Styles on Facebook
    In this tutorial, we will show you how to write the different font and formatting on Facebook. You can use these styling into your Facebook status, wall, friend's wall, fan pages, groups and Facebook chat. You may use bold, italic and underline text into your chat conversation to catch the eye of your friends or viewers. Mostly friends know that I am working on this blog Facebook Tips and Tricks, so if they have any doubt or don't know about anything on Facebook, easily contact to me. I am very pleased to work on it and try to give our best solution. A friend of mine asked me that 'how to write bold text in Facebook chat.' It is not a hard work. Just you have to enclose your text by small codes to making it bold, underline or italic. You may also read my previous post for to write different formatting text on Google+.

    Therefore, here is how to use bold, italic and underline text in Facebook chat and wall. You may use this stylish & cool text generator to update your status updates, chat, and comments on Facebook and Google+.

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