Introducing Dropil: An Autonomous World of CryptoCurrency!

Hello World! Welcome to the autonomous World of Cryptocurrency, Dropil. It is for everyone no matter you have a basic or advanced trading knowledge because it is always welcome to steady growth of the portfolio. If you look over to the successful retail traders data around the globe, it will not be shocking for me to say 95% of retail traders who trades in forex losing money and ending up quitting. There are many reasons for such flopped side such as not having proper knowledge of trading skills, fundamentals and technical analysis. In addition to the trading skills one of the hidden major reasons is the human nature like fearness, greediness, excitement and sadness. If you're thinking that it is very easy to handle the human nature according to your situation, whoever controlled it while having good trading knowledge are successful traders and registered in 5% club.

Dropil: An autonomous ways to earn


Buy/Sell Bitcoin Ethereum With Local Bank/Paytm/UPI in INDIA

Do you want to purchase cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum in India with your local bank account or your Paytm wallet or via UPI payment? Do you want to sell your bitcoin in exchange with your local currency INR? In this post, I will show you how can you buy and sell your cryptocurrencies in India in legal way. Keep in mind that you can't purchase or sell your bitcoin or any other crypto directly from your bank account. It is still unclear and the regulation is still under the process by Indian government. Since the regulation is still under the process it doesn't mean that you can not keep bitcoin or it is illegal to have bitcoins in your bitcoin wallet.

how to buy or sell bitcoin in india
Buy or Sell Cryptocurrencies in INIDA

Foresting Social Media Network Based on Blockchain Technology! Get Rewards!!

Do you use social media to share your favorite things with your family, friends or audience? The majority of people say yes! I am also active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Do you know the hidden part of such social media networks? Let discuss about it.

If you go through the front page of Facebook, you will see a phrase "It's free and always will be". Do you understand it? Doesn't Facebook take anything from you to give you their service for free? If Facebook doesn't let anything from you and give you free service then that's all correct the phrase "It's free and always will be". The truth is different from it. You like and share posts, update status updates and edit about yourself with email addresses and phone numbers etc. All the data has captured by Facebook, all your activities has captured by Facebook even, if you allow Facebook app for GPS, they can track your current location in this planet, called World. All things have been capturing by Facebook. Do you still think it is free to use Facebook? Actually, you have sell everything to them! Your father doesn't know your current location in any specific time, but Facebook actually knows!!!! Because of you! You are believing Facebook is free and the most funny thing is even you think that it will always be free. No, a big NO!! "It was free but now it's not, you will get paid".

foresting social media using blockchain technology
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