Track your Unusual Facebook Login Activity and Secure it!

Do you want to track the history when & where you have signed into Facebook? This post will guide you to view any unusual activity in your Facebook account and how you can secure it. Facebook now becomes a common social network that is used by most users. Therefore, you should concern about your privacy on Facebook account.

how to view unusual facebook login activies


Hide/Delete your Facebook Search History on Desktop & Android Mobile

Have you searched in your Facebook account? If yes, you probably view the search history as suggestions whenever you search something next time. Your search history can be viewable to someone standing beside you, and they can easily track that what you have searched for. Do you want to delete your Facebook search history from the suggestions? This post will guide you in easy steps. However, deleting your Facebook search history is not a difficult task. Just follow the step by step guide.
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how to hide search history on facebook

Adsense Code Converter | Parse Google Adsense Code for Blogger

Do you see an error "Your HTML cannot be accepted" when you paste your Google adsense code into your Blogger template? If yes, it is general for the Blogger blogs since Blogger themes are made by XML Formats. If you are using your adsense code into sidebar, footer or header then there should not be a problem, but if you are using adsense code into Blogger template inside the post section area, then you would face such issue. It is because of the XML structure.

guide to converter your adsense code for blogger
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