Get OTP:One Time Password to Access Facebook in Public Places

Do you want to login Facebook without your password? A simple answer is yes! You can create a temporarily password for your Facebook account. This temporary password cannot be reused and will be valid for 20 minutes. The question is, why do you need to use one time password for your Facebook account? The simple answer is, if you are accessing your Facebook account in public places such as library, internet cafe or computer labs you may be uncomfortable to write down your password in the desired filed as the public system may track the words by using some software like keylogger. You can also use OTP when Login to someone else mobile phones.

get otp one time password to access Facebook account

Add Responsive Social Media Share Buttons Above/Below Blogger Post

Do you have a responsive Blogger template? If yes, you should always use responsive widget to your Blogger template. In the recent article, I wrote how to add responsive Facebook fan page like box to your Blogger. In this guide, I am sharing a cool and best responsive social media share buttons with counter that you can use into your Blogger post. You can add this awesome widget to your Blogger below to the post content as well as below to your Blogger post title. You can view a live preview of this awesome responsive social share buttons below to this content. I have already using it in this blog. However, I have enabled only three social media share buttons Google+, Facebook & Twitter for this blog in this widget. You will get additional two more powerful share buttons for LinkedIn & Pinterest.

add responsive social media share buttons to blogger

Facebook Covers Pointing to Profile Picture with Arrow 2015

Hello folks! After publishing Funny Facebook Cover Photos 2015, now I am just sharing cool and best Facebook covers pointing to your Facebook profile picture with arrows. As you know, the first impression is the last impression so If you want to make more connections in Facebook you should make your Facebook profile unique. By using best Facebook timeline cover photos to your profile you can get more attraction to your Facebook profile. I am also using Facebook covers pointing to profile picture as it indicates your profile picture by the arrows which is more attention-able. I hope you would like the following Facebook covers that points to your profile picture. I had spend few hours to collect the best covers pointing to profile picture using arrows just for you, I just want from you share this article with your connections over your social media profiles.

Facebook covers pointing to Facebook profile
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