Earn $25 Instantly by Placing your Affiliate Banner in Your Blog

Good news for you folks! You can earn easy $25 for just placing a banner ad into your blog. If you did not start affiliate marking yet into your blog, it is a great opportunity to try affiliate marketing. You don't need to be having a high traffic blog so it is a win-win situation for you and your blog. Also, you are sharing a great tool to your readers that might be useful for them. You don't only earn $25 to your affiliate account while you will also get paid $.2 for each user sign up using your affiliate banner. To apply for this offer, you need to create an affiliate account and placing your affiliate banner into your blog. You are done! Is not it simple? Therefore, here is a quick step by step guide to earn $25 for placing your affiliate banner into your blog.

Affiliate program that pays instantly though paypal

Schedule Facebook Posts to Profile Timeline, Groups & Pages

Facebook officially allows you to schedule your status update posts into your Facebook business page only. You cannot schedule your posts from your personal timeline and groups you are the admin. There could be some reasons for Facebook, or you can say spamming that triggered to Facebook not allowing scheduled posts for profile. Posting the same thing on pages, groups and personal profiles are most time consuming. If you are a Blogger like me, you might also feel like that. There are many third party services which allow you to schedule your posts for your personal profile timeline. Therefore, I am considering here a best one to schedule your Facebook posts to profile timeline.

how to schedule facebook posts to profile

Responsive Embed YouTube, Dailymotion & Vimeo Videos in Blogs

Do you want to embed your YouTube videos responsively in your blog? If yes, welcome to this page. I will use some CSS3 syntax to make any video responsive wrapped with an iframe. Therefore, the same CSS code will also work for your Dailymotion and Vimeo videos to make it responsive on your blog post. Using video in your blog post is always a thumb up vote by your audience but due to the different types of devices you should also consider better user interface of your blog. The best way is to use responsive design, and use everything responsive as possible to deliver better UI of your blog. For example, you can use social share buttons inside blog post responsive and responsive Facebook fan page like box. Therefore, here is a quick guide to responsive embedded YouTube, Dailymotion & Videos.

how to embed responsively youtube videos in blogger
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