Save/Download WhatsApp Status/Stories Videos and Photos in Android Gallery

Do you want to save your friend's status videos or photos in your android gallery? If yes, this post is specially for you. In this post, we will not use any third party app to download WhatsApp status. However, there are dozens of applications exist in play store that lets you download your friend's status stories in your gallery. WhatsApp updates its application very frequently and recently they have added a new feature in their stories by which you can write with different font color and style along with colorful background. You can also use text formatting bold, italic or strikethrough in your WhatsApp conversation. WhatsApp doesn't allow you to use color text or different font style while chatting with your friends. If you are a regular reader of this blog you already knew it that how you can write color text or change font style in WhatsApp during contact's conversation.

Lets comeback to this post save WhatsApp status stories, we will just use file manager to browse the status videos and photos. WhatsApp doesn't want you to see your friend's stories videos and photos in your gallery so by default they have hidden this folder while making the app updates. We will just search the hidden folder and use it to copy friend's stories videos and photos and paste it to local storage then you will directly see it in your android gallery. Therefore, here is a quick guide to save WhatsApp status videos and photos.

how to save whatsapp status images and videos

Send Color Text WhatsApp Messages | Change Font Style In WhatsApp

Hello friends, today I am going to show you a cool trick by which you can easily send messages on WhatsApp with different text and color. Recently, WhatsApp has rolled out a new update and inserted a cool feature in their WhatsApp stories in which you can not only upload pictures or videos now you can write text with different font and style with colorful background which is an official feature. But, if you want to send your WhatsApp messages in different font style and different font color to a WhatsApp contact, there is no direct solution for it in official WhatsApp app. In this post, I have mentioned a cool trick, you can now easily change font style and color before sending messages to your WhatsApp contacts. You need to install an additional app in your android mobile which is less than 3 MB app so it will not take much higher size from your local storage. You can use this application without lagging. The best part of this app is now it is available for free. Therefore, here is a quick guide to send colorful text messages in WhatsApp.

how ot change font style and send colored whatsapp messages

How to Make Google Plus ID Card | Google+ Identity Card

Do you want to make your Google+ ID Card? Do you want to show off your Google plus identity card to your friends on your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts? In this post, we will generate your Google+ id card. Don't take it seriously as it is just for fun, similar as creating your Facebook ID card. If you don't have created your Facebook id card, you can create one! You don't need to do anything to generate your Google+ id card, just you have to sign into your Facebook and Google+ accounts and few clicks required from the source. You can easily download your Google plus identity card to your local hard drive as an image. You can upload it on your various social networks. I have searched over the web to generate Google+ id card, most of the sites are not working except the one we will mention following. Therefore, here is an easy way to make Google plus id card.

google plus identity card generator
Google+ ID Card
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