Bitcoin : All the Basic Things You Should Know about Bitcoin

The world is seems to be crazy about Bitcoins that makes it more stronger. Recently, Bitcoin has crossed the border of $19,891/BTC on December 17, 2017 that is also a record high for cryptocurrecny world. You may not believe that a cryptocurrency called bitcoin which was worth .003$ in 2010, $2 in 2011, $13 in 2012 is now trading around $8000+. If you had invested of just $100 to buy BTC in 2010, can make $266 million USD today at the rate of 1 BTC = $8000 which is the current trade price. As of May, 2018, you can see this data as on media and press, according to CNBC and Washingtonpost, investment of $100 in 2010 was worth $75 million USD in May, 2018. You can clearly see, after the six months period from May, 2017 to November 2017, it goes from $75 million to $266 million which is more than x3. That means a user who invested $100 in 2010 and hold it upto 6 Years and few months i.e., till May, 2017 makes $75 million and if it holds additional 6 months, makes $266 million. Clearly show its volatility and how the world is now become crazier about this cutie. Just imagine you have invested only $100 in 2010 in bitcoin and you have sell it around its peak point lets consider $19000/BTC, you earned $633,333,333, it is approximate $633 million.

all the basic information about bitcoin


Black Friday 2017 | WordPress Hosting, Domains & Theme Deals!!!

24 November, 2017 is a special day or a start for holiday's fun. Finally black friday 2017 is here. The best time to purchase the things you need with great deals in this black friday. I bet, you cannot get the huge discount whole year than you can get in this black friday. I am considering the huge discounts on WordPress hosting, themes and domain names in this post. You can easily get up-to 50%, 60% or even 70% discounts on the regular prices in black friday (aka, thanksgiving day).

black friday 2017 deal for hosting domain name and wordpress themes

Install Genesis Framework and a Child Theme on WordPress

Do you want to install Genesis Framework and child theme to WordPress blog? If yes, then follow the step-by-step guide. If you do not have Genesis Framework and a child theme for your WordPress blog, then you can simply buy it. However, I have another offer you may grabbed a license of Genesis Framework and a child theme from us for free of cost by purchasing a hosting package from us. I consider, you have already hosted your WordPress blog to your hosting server, and you have Genesis Framework and a child theme to your desktop. Therefore, here is how to install Genesis Framework and a Child Theme on WordPress.

install genesis framework and child theme to WordPress
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