Create Fake Facebook Status Updates/Wall Posts & Chat Messages

Do you want to prank your friends? Today, I am sharing a cool Facebook tips that will let you create fake Facebook Wall posts including you and your friends and also followed by Facebook comments. You can also create a fake Facebook status update of your friends and show them to fool them. There are many tools to create fake Facebook wall posts but I am only considering here the best one. While creating fake status, you can add friend's name, status update or comments and their profile photo. The best thing using the following tool is that you can add your friend's profile photo using the image's direct link so you don't need to download it for using it later. Therefore, here is a guide to create faking Facebook wall posts or fake Facebook chat messages history.

wanna prank friend by creating fake status on facebook. Here it is!


Using Google Drive to Host JavaScript & CSS Files for Free!

In this guide, we will show you to host your JavaScript and CSS files into Google Drive for free. If you have a limited storage in your server or have a limited bandwidth, you can use your free Google drive account to take its unlimited bandwidth advantage. You will get 15 GB free storage to share across Google drive, Gmail and photos. Hosting external scripts or CSS files in Google drive are not difficult, just you have to find out the direct link of your files which is a tricky one as Google drive doesn't allow you to show the direct link. Once you get the direct link, you can easily add these external files into your blog's HTML source.

how to get direct link from Google drive of hosted files

How to Create a HTML Sitemap Page in Blogger : Responsive

Should you create a HTML sitemap into your Blogger? Every blog should have at-least one page by which you can navigate to all of your blog posts. Therefore, yes you must create a HTML sitemap into your Blogger. In this post, I will share a cool method to create a responsive sitemap page for your blogger with cool design features. HTML sitemap doesn't only help your visitors to look over your blog at a glance it can help to crawl and index your blog pages faster. Adding Sitemap page in WordPress is so easier than Blogger with the help of tons of plugins, in Blogger, you need to manually add the sitemap widget. Adding this sitemap widget to your blogger is also easier. Just you have to copy the following code, and paste it to your Blogger page and done! Therefore, here is a simple guide to create a HTML responsive sitemap to Blogger.
Live Demo: Blogger Sitemap
how to add html sitemap widget in blogger
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