Is Allowed Google Adsense Ads Below/Above Post Title/Post Content

is allowed google adsense ads below to post title
Google Adsense below to Post Title
Do you want to add your Google Adsense ad below post title area? If yes, I would recommend, you must read the following article otherwise Google may ban you for violating their policies. Below the post title or above the content area is a top eye catching area on the websites that leads the higher CTR in returns. You would also get the higher CPC on that place, since it is on above the fold area. If you are showing ads below post title, you must take care about the Google Adsense policies. If you don't take care about Adsense, then Adsense would not take care about you.

Yes, it is possible to showing your ads below to post title or above the post content area, but it has some circumstances that you should follow. There are many users who had getting banned by Google Adsense team for 'Invalid Clicks Activity'. It may be happen because they hadn't followed the Google Adsense policies. Always follow the policies, you will always be stand on the safe side. Therefore, here is some points to be noted for allowing Google Adsense ad below post title or above content area.

Show Offline/Hide Online Status to Facebook Specific Friends & Lists

how to show offline status on facebook
Online / Offline Status on Facebook
Do you want to hide your online status for specific friends or lists? Sometimes, we don't want to chat with specific friends or group of friends like Facebook list, but they can see our online status that leads the conversation, if you don't reply back they heart. The simple solution is hiding the online status for friend lists or specific friends. Facebook has upgraded their features for better user experience. Now, you have an option to show your online presence to specific friends on Facebook. In addition, you may create friend lists on Facebook, and easily you can select who can see your online status. As a Blogger, I have created lists for our readers, clients and friends. You may create your lists too. Showing your status online or offline required some clicks, but due to the beginner's guide, I am showing here a step by step guide. I have seen that when a user created a Facebook account, enjoying making friends with the real friends & strangers. They love to chat with everyone. As time goes by, and due to the busy schedule, it is impossible to talk with everyone who are in your friend lists. Do not respond to your friend is not a good thing. It is better to show off your online status to specific friends or friend list. Therefore, here is a quick guide to hide your online status from Facebook chat. Let's get started:

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Show Offline/Online Status on Facebook Chat to Specific Friends or Friend Lists

  1. Sign into your Facebook Account. Expand your chat box from your news feed stream page by clicking on Chat.

    how to expand facebook chat

  2. Once the chat box expanded, click on Advance Settings... under a gear icon (for option).

    facebook chat option

  3. You will have three advanced chat settings in which you can mention friends name and lists to show or hide your online status.

    how to go online or offline on facebook

    • Turn on chat for all friends except: Select this option, only if you want to hide your online status to some specific friends or lists.
    • Turn on chat for only some friends: Select this option, only if you want to show your online status to some specific friends or lists.
    • Turn off chat: Select this option to go offline for everyone.
Conclusion: A friend in need is a friend indeed. However, that depends upon the situation. It is not necessary to talk with every friend, even with good friends as I earlier said that depends upon the situation. It is also a bad habit to seen the messages, and don't reply back. It may heart to good friends. The simple solution, hides your online status to specific friends or friend lists, and forgets anything.

How To Permanently Delete Gmail, Youtube, Blogger, Google Accounts

Do you want to permanently delete your all Google Services account, such as Gmail, Blogger, YouTube, Documents, Groups, Web History, FeedBurner, Voice, Talk, Adwords and Adsense? These are the most used services provided by Google. If you don't wish to use any of the Google services, then you can permanently delete it individually. If you don't want to use all the Google services, then you can delete all the services by some clicks. We will show you to delete individual services provided by Google, or permanently delete all the Google services. Therefore, here is how to permanently delete Google accounts.

how to permanently delete gmail account
Delete Your Gmail, YouTube & Google+ Accounts Permanently
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