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    This is a very similar post to the previous post add a clickable link to Blogger. You can say this post is an advance version of the previous post. In this post, I will show you to generate an email me, feedback or send this page to your friends link by using the clickable links. Since, these are also clickable links so you have to use <a> tag; normally it is called as an anchor tag. The only difference here is that the destination link will be an email ID. You can write your email ID address on your blog posts or sidebars, but in this, case spammers can easily find your email ids through search engines or other sources. By applying this method, you can reduce the chances to grab your email IDs by the spammers. Therefore, here is how to add email me links to blogs.
    add email me links in blogger how to
    Email me, Feedback or "Send this page to your friends" links in Blogger

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    Adding Email Me Links To Blogger/Blogs/Websites

    Let me give you an example:

    If you wanna contact then Email Me

    When you click on the Email Me link, and if you have configured Microsoft office outlook (not configure, install Microsoft Office, and open outlook to finish the configuration), you will see a pop up window with the options, including Microsoft Office Outlook, Yahoo mail or Gmail, select any one you want to use for sending the message. For example, I have chosen Microsoft Office Outlook.

    emai me button for blogger

    Now, you can send email me through outlook. If you want to email me via other email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Rediffmail... You can copy our email ID by hover the mouse on Email Me link, and send to me as you normally do.
    The code of the above Email Me link is,
    <a href="mailto:admin@bloggertipsseotricks.com">Email Me</a>

    Change the email address with your email address. You can change anchor text as your need that is Email Me.
    You can use clickable image instead of clickable link that is Email Me, so see the preview,
    If you wanna contact then how to add email me links to blogger or websites and in blogs

    The code of just above preview is,
    <a href="mailto:admin@bloggertipsseotricks.com"><img src="http://lh5.googleusercontent.com/_d23RhflOeI4/TMkb_g1MVtI/AAAAAAAAAEA/NxrcsWigfA0/email+me+button+adding+how+to.jpg"/></a>
    Adding the image email me link, right click on the above preview, and click on "copy image URL", then paste this URL to the new tab and open the image. Once the image appears, downloads it to your desktop, and uploads it to any image hosting websites. Find out the direct link of this image and copy it. Now, paste the image direct link to the value of src attribute in the above code, which is in green color. Don't forget to change the email ID with your email ID. Now, copy the whole code and use it to anywhere, where HTML codes are allowed. See the bottom section of this post to show the email me links in Blogger.

    You will have noticed that CC, Subject and email body are empty in the above previews. Therefore, you may write some values to these fields for extra attention to your employees, managers. In that case, this message will send to multiple users whose manage your companies email. Let see the below preview,

    Send Me An Email

    When you click on the above link, you will see a popup window like this,

    How to add email me link to blogger or in websites

    In this case, the code will be as follow,
    <a href="mailto:admin@bloggertipsseotricks.com?subject=I need some help in Blogger&body=What is your problem please feel free to write us:&cc=anotheremail@anotherdomain.com&bcc=otheremail@anotherdomain.com">Send Me An Email</a>

    You may change the subject or body text with your text.

    In the above code, there is nothing special, if you have read our previous post of creating clickable images links, you can understand the whole code. If no, I am separating the email ID address and all the email information by "?", and separated each of the email information by "&". That's it!

    But, what is the advantage for filling these fields. One advantage is, you can save some times of your visitors for filling these fields, and others are listed below,

    1. Adding Feedback Links to Blogs

    feedback links to blogger

    You can optimize your blogs by adding the feedback link. It is a good idea to know that what your visitors are thinking about your blog, and what they want to read in your blog. Below is a preview of a Feedback link. You may use it to send me your feedback about this blog.

    Send me your Feedback

    The code of the above preview is.
    <a href="mailto:admin@bloggertipsseotricks.com?subject=Feedback for BloggerTipsSEOTricks.com&body=Write what do you think about this website:">Send me your Feedback</a>

    2. To create "Send this page to your friends" links for Blogs/Websites:

    how to send webpages to your friendsIf you want, your visitors could easily share your blogs or websites to his/her friends, then you can do it by adding "send this page to your friends" link into your blog. The code is similar as Email Me link code, but this time we need to edit the destination link with the visitor's friend email link. Take a preview; I am sure you can create this code yourself.

    Send this page to your friends

    The code of above preview is
    <a href="mailto:Enter Your Friend Email Here?subject=check out www.bloggertipsseotricks.com&body=Hi Checkout this website www.BloggerTipsSEOTricks.com you will learn here about Blogger Tips and Tricks and Search Engine Optimization-SEO Tips">Send this page to your friends</a>

    Where can you paste these codes?

    You can use these HTML codes anywhere on the web, where you are enable to write HTML such as in forum comments, websites comment, posting articles, Yahoo answers etc... Now, for Blogger;
    1. Blogger:

    1. In your blogger sidebar: Sign in to your Blogger dashboard:

      hyperlink in blogger blog

      --> Click on Layout under more options ::

      Blogger setting to add email me links

      --> Now click on Add a Gadget ::

      paste email me link in this widget

      Then you will see a pop-up window and find HTML/Javascript and click on it ::

      for adding email me and feedback links

      Now paste your code and save it!

      Your HTML code here

    2. In your Blogger post: Sign in to your Blogger dashboard:

    blogger dashboard

    -->Click on create new post:

    send this page to your friends

    --> Click on Edit HTML, and paste your HTML codes. Check out preview, and publish post.

    to write your HTML codes

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