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    When you surf on the WebPages, you will see many clickable links or hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are the clickable text that link to another documents or another pages. The clickable links are created by HTML coding which helps you to add comments in to another websites or blogs whose comment section allows you to write HTML codes. Creating hyperlinks to the other websites helps you to gain your backlinks with proper anchor text. Here is how to add hyperlink/clickable links into your blog or any other blogs that allows you to write HTML codes..
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    Clickable Links with Anchor Text

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    Create Clickable/Hyperlinks To Blogger

    For example below is the normal clickable link.

    Blogger Tutorials

    Then the HTML code of above Hyperlink will be as follow:
    <a href="http://www.bloggertipsseotricks.com/">Blogger Tips SEO Tricks</a>
    Change the URL, which is in href attribute with your URL, and change the anchor text, which is in between <a> ... </a> with your anchor text. You can add this HTML code to anywhere, where HTML code allowed. For more details to pasting this code into blogger, see the bottom section of this post.

    Therefore, the websites are nothing but a HTML document, and a HTML Document have many HTML Tags. In the above example, <a> is a HTML Tag by which we can make clickable links. It is also known as Anchor Tag so that is why it is represented by <a>. HTML Tags normally comes with open and closed tags, as in the above example of clickable link <a> is an open tag, and </a> is a close tag of the anchor tag. If we generalized hyperlinks or clickable links then it will be as given below.
    <a href="YOUR URL"> YOUR TEXT </a>
    In HTML, you can add any no. of attributes you want. For example, here you want to create a clickable link so you are using <a> tag, since it is a clickable link so you have to mention the destination link, where your visitors will be redirect after click on it. We have to use href attribute to set the destination link. Please note here YOUR URL is the value of href attribute, and make sure the values of attributes must be in quotes.

    If you want to add some extra features in your links, suppose, you want to open your destination link into the new tab then you will have to add an extra attribute 'target' with the value '_blank'. See the code below.
    <a href="http://www.bloggertipsseotricks.com/2010/10/blogger-wordpress-blogspot-blogs.html" target="_blank">Blogger Tips Seo Tricks </a>
    The preview of the above code is given below. You can check that the link will open in new tab or not?

    What is Blogging? For more information go to Blogger and WordPress Blogging Platforms

    Now if you want to open your link in the new window then simply change _blank with new from the above code, then your code will be:
    <a href="http://www.bloggertipsseotricks.com/2010/10/blogger-wordpress-blogspot-blogs.html" target="new"> Blogger Tips Seo Tricks </a>
    Now if you want to show some extra information about your clickable link when the visitor hover the mouse on the hyperlink, you have to use attribute title and its value will be the text what you want to show. See the example below:

    A Blogger & Social Media Guide

    The HTML code of above link will be as follow:
    <a href="http://www.bloggertipsseotricks.com/" title="Home Page of Blogger Tips and Tricks">Blogger Tips SEO Tricks</a>

    What are Anchor Texts?

    anchor text for search engine optimization
    Anchor Text & SEO

    In a very short way just look at the below code:
    <a href="YOUR URL"> YOUR TEXT </a>
    Here YOUR TEXT is Anchor Text for the corresponding URL as YOUR URL.
    An Anchor text is a very important for the destination URL because it affects your SEO. Let us go further to know more about the anchor text and search engine optimization.

    Relation between Search Engine Optimization and Anchor Text

    anchor text with search engine optimization
    Anchor Text & SEO

    In a very short way, I try to explain the beauty of an Anchor Text. Firstly, go to Google Search Engine and search with the query "click here", look at the top five positions. I bet, you will find "Adobe reader download" and "Apple QuickTime download" pages. Have you any idea?
    Reason: almost every one link the adobe reader download page with the anchor text "click here" from their blogs or websites.
    For example,
    To download the Adobe Reader 9.5 click here or sometimes you will see,
    If download not start automatically then click here.
    Google reads the anchor text very carefully and detects what the page is about, and affect the SERPs with those queries.

    Conclusion for Anchor Text:

    When you start link building, you should never ignore the anchor text power. When you leave comments on another blogs or websites, include the targeted keywords into the anchor text of the destination URL. Make sure it should not look spammy. Suppose, anchor text doesn't matter in SEO then you can leave your URL with the anchor text as full stop "." only. Nobody can see it, and you may use it in the comment sections on other blogs. Unfortunately, these types of links have no value in the eyes of Google, and if you do it repeatedly then Google may ban you.

    Where can you paste these HTML codes?

    Mostly everywhere on the web, which allow you to write HTML such as in forums, websites comment, posting articles, Yahoo answers etc... Now for Blogger,

    1. Blogger:

    1. In your Blogger sidebar: Sign in to your Blogger dashboard :

      hyperlink in blogger blog

      --> Click on Layout under more options ::

      clickable links in blogging

      --> Now click on Add a Gadget ::

      how to add clickable link in blogger

      Then you will see a pop-up window and find HTML/Javascript and click on it ::

      clickable link in blogger

      Now paste your code and save it!

      clickable link in blogs

    2. In your Blogger post: Sign in to your Blogger dashboard ::

      create clickable link in blogger

      -->Click on create new post ::

      clickable link tips and tricks

      --> Click on Edit HTML and paste your codes and see your preview and publish.

      anchor text in blogger

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