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    Facebook has became the second largest world that connects you with your family and friends. In very short time, Facebook has crossed the border of daily unique visitors with a very low bounce rate around 26% so that's why Facebook is now a leader of Social Media Marketing. I think if you are a publisher or an advertiser, or you hold any business, and want to attract with your customers. Facebook can do the same in a very simple way. In one hand, Facebook has the extreme power to connecting with friends, family and relatives through chats, status updates, messages, fun, masti and much more..., and on the second hand, Facebook has also the extreme power for "Facebook for Business" through add pages, add groups, topics and start discussion and much more... Recently Facebook upgrades profile pages feature, and now Facebook is implementing to give it's user to a Facebook email id address as yourname@facebook.com, but this is not open for everyone. It is still in the beta mode to get the Facebook email id, and Facebook may launch the Facebook email id for everyone in the coming days, but you may get your Facebook email id as yourname@facebook.com. You have to send a request to Facebook team, and if you are lucky then you will get your Facebook email id... What will you have to do so for? Check out the following steps,

    get Facebook email id address

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    To Get Facebook Email Address/Facebook Email ID as yourname@facebook.com

    1. Just log in to your Facebook account.
    2. If you have already created  your username in Facebook, then skip this step and if not then do the following,
    click on Create username in Facebook then you will see some options like,

    how to get facebook email address

    Simply, according to the preview choose your username(Make sure no space and no special character are in your username) and then Check Availability of your username and then save it.

    Now your home profile page will be simply www.facebook.com/yourusername.

    *** Once you created your user name. You can not be able to change it in the future so keep in mind to select the correct your username..

    3. click on Facebook Email ID Request

    then you will see a button "Request an Invitation", as in the following preview;

    facebook email address

    Click on "Request an Invitation" that will be converted in "You will receive and invite soon". that's it. If you are lucky then you will get yourusername@facebook.com email address id soon.

    ***Q. Can I get messages from any traditional email system (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail) to my Facebook email id? Where will I get these messages?

    Ans. Yes, all the traditional email system can send you the messages to your Facebook email id and these messages will be delivered to your Facebook messages.

    Q. Can I send messages from my Facebook email id to any traditional email system? will I use the features in  my Facebook email id such as attachment files as other traditional email systems have? is there any other benefits to use Facebook email id?

    Ans. Yes of course, if you receive any message from your Facebook friend to your Facebook message that will show the sender profile picture with the name and message. Now, if you send message to external email addresses, then the attractive feature is that it will remains look like the Facebook messages, means it will delivered with your name and Facebook profile picture along with the message.
           Also, you can use outlook web app for manage your Facebook emails.

    You done!

    So what are you waiting for? just send invitation to Facebook team and check up your luck and be the first to share it with your Facebook friends through the left share box.

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  1. rose says:

    Thanks for this info and tip. It will work for me who is in the planning stage of making it into facebook.

  1. @rose
    Thanks for your comment here! Hope facebook will launch it soon!

  1. @rose
    Thanks for your comment here! Hope facebook will launch it soon!

  1. rose says:

    Thanks for this info and tip. It will work for me who is in the planning stage of making it into facebook.

  1. Nadeem Ahmad says:

    Good information for requesting to get facebook email id. I just request my facebook request hope I will get soon.

  1. Thanks for your comment.

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