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    blogger images disappearing sometimes
    Blogger Image Disappearing
    Blogger Images disappear; I have seen many bloggers whose blogs hosted on Blogger are claiming to disappear the image. It is also happened for me too sometimes. When images disappear the alt tag will be shown if exist on this image. It is only happen for the Blogger blogs. If you are facing the same situation, we have a solution for you that will show your Blogger's images regularly. In my case, I am not only using the Blogger hosted images into my post, although my all template images hosted on Blogger itself. Therefore, when images disappear, my blog theme going to crash. When I applied the method given below to my Blogger hosted images that work perfectly, and showing our Blogger images regularly. When you upload any images to Blogger, Blogger hosts these images itself, and if you are using recent post, featured post or popular post with thumbnails in your blog, images will disappear. Therefore, apply the following method to display/show Blogger images regularly.

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    A Solution for Blogger Hosted Images Disappearing | Show/Display Images Regularly

    When you upload photos to your post in Blogger, Google will host those photos to its picasa album associated with your Blogger account. If you are not using your picasa account before, signup into your Picasa Web Album with the associated Blogger account email, I bet you surprise because you will get all of your Blogger hosted images here. You can reuse these images by getting the direct link. Keep in mind, if you delete any photo form your picasa account, it will also delete these photos from your Blogger blog. The funny thing we have found here is that if you look at the direct link of a Blogger hosted image and the same photo here in picase, is completely same except the root domain/top level domain. For example, the direct link of Blogger hosted image has blogspot.com root domain, while picasa hosted image has googleusercontent.com. I have researched that photos having top level domain blogspot.com in the direct link URL, doesn't show sometimes, while the same image having top level domain googleusercontent.com showing regularly. Therefore, we have changed the top level domain from the direct link for all my Blogger hosted images to the picasa hosted images. Now, images always appear in my Blogger posts and template.
    Find out the direct link of your images inside your Blogger blog, which will be look like as follow,


    Now, just you have to change 4.bp.blogspot.com or it may be 2.bp.blogspot.com or 1.bp.blogspot.com or any thing just you have to change it with lh5.googleusercontent.com. Therefore, your new URL will be as shown below,


    Save the changes. To confirmation of this tricks, copy & paste both URL into the browser, and hit enter. It will show image. The old URL may or may not be display the images in the future, but the new URL will always appearing image.

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