How To Get Google Plus Notification Updates On Mobile Phones

Description: Google Plus Notification Updates On your Mobile Phones. Notifications for Your Circles, Comments on your status. Google+ Mobile Notification Updates.

Google Plus notification on mobile phone is very much similar as on Facebook. The main advantage of mobile notifications is that when you don't have internet connection you will get the proper updates. Just you have to verify your mobile number with your Google Plus profile. Once you verified, you can control the notifications you want to get into your mobile phone, such as get notification if some one 'add to a circle', 'share a post with me directly', 'comments on a photo I tagged'.... and so many I can't explain here. Therefore, firstly you have to link and verify your mobile phone number with your Google plus profile page.

google plus notification updates on mobile phones

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Google+ | Get Google Plus Notification Updates on Mobile Phones

  1. Sign into your Google Plus profile, and hover your mouse on "Home" button, and choose "Settings".

    home button on google plus

  2. Now, under Notification delivery, go to Phone section, click on Add phone number. Now choose you country and mobile number. Now, click on Send verification code. You will receive code to your mobile number, just enter this code to Google plus, your mobile number will going to be verified.

    notification on mobile of google plus
  3. Once your number verified, You have some option to get notification phone via SMS as shown in the above image, just select SMS.
  4. Now, scroll down the page until you see "Receive notifications". You will have options for what you subscribe for notifications such as posts, circles, photos... Now, click on each options and look at the phone, and make a tick mark of which you want to be notify.

    google plus notification on mobile phone
Now you will get the notifications when someone add you, posts about you or whatever you have choose for the notifications.
*** Once your mobile phone is verified in Google Plus, Google+ will also allow you to post your status updates via SMS text. Click here for the details by Posting Updates To Google Plus via Mobile SMS

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