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    + PM Google plus has no option to send the private messages to your friends, and doesn't have inbox or outbox, which may be a negative part of Google plus. Therefore, can we send the private messages to our friends in Google+ without having the inbox or outbox features? Yes absolutely! We can do it by the visibility feature of the circles. Have you noticed that Google Plus doesn't allow your friends to write on your wall, while Facebook allowed, which is the beauty of Google Plus. Another beauty of Google+ is that you can send private messages to your friends same as you update your wall status, and your friends will receive the private messages in their live stream. It is not a hard work, but many of my friends don't know about private messaging in Google+, and ask to me that how to send private messages in Google+. Below is the solution for this problem.

    how to send private message in google plus
    Private Messaging System on Google+

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    To Send Private or Direct Messages To Friends in Google Plus

    1. Sign into Google Plus and go to your Google Plus Stream Page.
    2. Write your Private Message in your Stream Update Box. Like below,

      send private message to google plus
    3. Now, look at the blue color circles, below the stream box, delete all the circles that will show you "Add circles or peoples to share with..." click on it and type your friend name instead of choosing some circles. Suppose, you want to send the private message to 'Allen Peter' then type +Allen to the required field, which will show you some suggestions now choose the correct one as we will choose here Allen Peter. Finally click on share. You may choose more than one friend, a circle or some circles to send the direct messages so the selected friends or groups could be able to see your direct message via their live stream. See the preview,

      direct message to google plus

    4. This is a last step to make your staus more privately. After published your status click on the right top drop-down menu, and choose 'Disable Share' so that your targeted friends could not be able to forward your private message to others. see the preview,

      private message to google plus
    5. You done!

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