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    If you are connected with your friends via Google+ and want to send tweets to your Twitter's followers, you don't need to go on official Twitter site for tweet anything or for checking your tweets. You can send tweets to your Twitter's followers by using your Google plus profile; even you can check your Twitter stream update inside your Google plus profile page. An extension that creates a tab for Twitter account inside your Google+ account. It is also worked on Firefox, IE and chrome. By adding Twitter tab to your Google Plus account, you would be able to control of your full Twitter account, such as you can see your stream, RT, Inbox, Send messages, Favorites and your own tweets. You may send your tweets with an option to short your URL with a shortened service, and you may upload your photos to your tweets directly from Google Plus. Here is how to send tweets from Google Plus,

    twitter tab in google plus
    Twitter access inside Google+

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    How to Add Twitter Tab In Google Plus Account | Google+ Twitter

    1. Click here on Google+ Twitter (It will open in the new tab), and then click on Get Google+ Tweet, and install the twitter app to your browser. (works on ie extension for twitter in google plus firefox extension for twitter in google plus google crome extension for twitter in google plus )
    2. After installed this application to your browser, restart your browser and again sign into your Google+ Plus Profile.
    3. Now, in the top menu of your Google+ profile, you will see an additional tab of Twitter. Click on that tab, and sign into your twitter account to allow the permission to show your Twitter feeds in Google Plus. look at below preview,

      shown tweets in google plus

      When you click on "Sign in with Twitter", a pop up window will open. You have to click on "Authorize app".
    4. Once you authorized, come back to your Google Plus and click on "Go" as shown in the above image. Now, you will see your Twitter stream so do whatever you want to do as send/receive your tweets. Take a look,

      twitter tab in google+

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