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    + FB Do you want to show your Facebook stream status updates in your Google plus profile or update your Facebook status inside your Google+ account? If yes, then follow the easy steps mention below. In this method, we will add an additional tab, called Facebook tab, into your Google plus account that will show your Facebook news feed. You could update your Facebook status inside this Facebook tab. When you update the Facebook wall status from Google plus, then it will be delivered to Facebook stream with an additional signature that shows the status has been updated "via GooglePlus." Therefore, here is how to update Facebook status or show Facebook stream news feed in Google+.

    Facebook stream update in Google plus
    Facebook Tab in Google+

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    Add Facebook Tab in Google Plus | Update Facebook Status in Google+

    1. Click here on Google+ Facebook(It will open in a new tab) and then click on Get Google+ Facebook, and install the Facebook app to your browser. (works on ie extension for twitter in google plus firefox extension for twitter in google plus google crome extension for twitter in google plus )
    2. After installed this application to your browser restart your browser, and again sign into your Google+ Profile.
    3. Now, in the top menu of your Google+ profile you will see an additional Facebook tab that you have to click on, and sign into your Facebook account to authorize your account that will show the Facebook stream in Google Plus. look at the below preview,

      google plus facebook

      when you clicked on "Connect with Facebook" as shown above, then a pop up window will open, then you have to click on "Allow".
    4. Once you allowed, come back to your Google Plus profile, now you will see your Facebook stream and you can easily update your Facebook wall status directly from your Google plus account. take a look as shown below,

      facebook stream in google+

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