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    Google Plus social networking site is still in the beta mode and when you go through http://plus.google.com then you will see a sign in option, and after your sign in you will see,"We've temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon," and you will not be eligible to sign up in the Google Plus social network while you can write your email address in "Keep Me Posted" after sign in process, and when Google+ will be launched publicly, they will notify you via your email address. If you have an invitation from the existing user of Google plus social network, then you can sign up easily, but Google has disabled this option too so if you get invitation, even you could not be able to sign up in Google+. My some friends notify me that their friends could not be joining Google+ even with their invitations.

    Google plus invitation for sign up
    Google+ Invitation | Google Plus Sign Up

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    So now would you like to sign up in Google Plus social network and want to see your own Google+ profile just today(even instantly, If I am online)? Do you want to hangouts in your Google+ network, want to make circles and update a status to individual friends, and want to find stuff related to your interest just today? If your answer is yes, then read this post continue otherwise fill up your email address in "Keep Me Posted" and wait for the launch of Google Plus social network.

    Yesterday, I send an invitation to my friend in Google+ and after 5 min., he replied to me "Hello Shadab" in the stream of Google+. There was no doubt he has registered in Google+ instantly, then I repeated it with other persons, and it works. In the right sidebar, I have an option to invite your friends inside Google+, but when I signed up in Google Plus, I did not notice the correct option for invitation to friends, and I invited with the other way that works. So,

    How to Sign Up In Google+ Plus Social Network in Beta

    Just follow the simple steps, and get your Google+ Social Network Profile. Not the difficult task just shared this article to your friends via Facebook, Twitter and other social networks because if you have created your Google+ profile and nobody get noticed to your profile, then what will you do in Google Plus. Here are the quick steps to join Google Plus.

    1. Sign in to Google with your Gmail account for which you want to create a Google+ Profile.
    2. Click here on Facebook and Google+ Latest News Update. It will open in a new tab, now enter your email address, captcha code, and click on "Complete Subscription Request". Now go to your email inbox. You will see an email by FeedBurner and click on verification link to completely getting the latest news of Facebook and Google+. (If you have completed it successfully, then FeedBurner will notify me with your email address).
    3. Share this article with your friends in Facebook. Just click share button via our left fix share box.
    4. Like it.
    5. Tweet this article via our left fix share box, and follow me on twitter @shadabiitr
    6. Click on +1 via left fix share box. If you have not created your Google profile before, then it will show up with asking you to ready for creating your profile, then click on yes, because without creating your Google profile you can't use Google+ so create it here.

    If you are a user of Digg, StumbleUpon or any social sites, you may also share this article to your friends. Now, leave your email address in the comment. I will send an invitation to you. Please don't leave your full email address in the comment because some of the companies bot try to find out the email addresses on the web. Therefore, how can you write your email address in the comment box, suppose if your email address is abcde123@gmail.com, then write your email address in the comment with abc******@gmail.com, because I already know your email address if you have completed your 2nd step. So, I need only a hint for which email address you used, and I already have many subscriber email addresses in that list.

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    "Google+ social networking site run by Google and if you getting your invitation delay due to any reason, then I will not be responsible for it. Just wait and you will get an invitation soon. It may take some times up-to two days or mostly it happens instantly."

    Update(1): Now, Google Plus has launched publicly so you don't need any invitation to sign up in Google Plus just go to Google Plus and sign in with your Gmail account. You can check step by step procedure for creating Google Plus account by clicking on Google Plus Publicly Launched.
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