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    Posting Updates via Mobile Phone SMS To Google Plus Stream

    update google plus post via mobile sms
    Google+ Now post update your Google Plus stream with your mobile phones just typing the text in your write message and send to your google plus stream. No matter which network you are using in your mobile phone whatever you are using Reliance, Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL,... So no need to have an internet connection to update your Google Plus stream. Google Plus also offers to update your google plus stream to your specific circles by writing some additional text in to your write message in your mobile. We will talk more about how to send updates to your google plus stream by mobile to different circles. By default your sending updates will show everyone in your circles. So how will you do that,
    "Google Enable this feature only for India and hope Google will offer this feature to the world soon."
    "Sending updates to Google Plus via SMS, data rates apply according to your network."

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    How To Send/Post Update To Google Plus Stream By Mobile Phones via SMS

    1. You have to verify your Mobile No. with your Google Plus profile. If your Mobile No. is not verified then follow, How To Verify Mobile No. in Google Plus Profile To Send Notification. Once your Mobile No. verified then you could be able to get notification of your Google Plus updates into your Mobile phone.
    2. Now write any message into your Mobile phone and send this message to 9222222222. By default it will go to your Google Plus Stream and shared with everyone in your circles.
    If you want to share your though with specific or extended circle or specific person or publicly by mobile phone then follow the below steps,

    Post Google Plus Update To Specific, Extended Circles or Specific Persons or Publicly By Mobile

    • Google+ SMS Post To Specific Circle:

      If you want to post update via SMS to a specific circle then you have to append your text with @[Circle Name]. For example, let you want to update for a circle name "friends" then write the message "Hey, this is my first update via mobile @friends".

    • Google+ SMS Post To Extended Circle:

      To share your post with everyone in your extended circles, append your text with @extended. For example: "Hey, this is my first update via mobile @extended".

    • Google+ SMS Post Publicly:

      Public posts are viewable to everyone on the web and it may be appear in search results. To share your post with everyone on the web, append your text with @public. For example: "Hey, this is my first update via mobile @public".

    • Google+ SMS Post To Specific Person:

      To share your post to specific person, append your text with @[email address]. For example: "Hey, this is my first update via mobile @abcd@gmail.com". It will be visible to abcd@gmail.com.
    • You done!

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