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    Facebook Stream, Update Wall, Comment On Status By Chrome Extension

    facebook chrome extension

    Facebook This chrome extension for Facebook, lets you share your wall updates, gets notification and notification of your friend's birthday, check your Facebook albums and your private messages and your friends list without going to Facebook official site. This chrome extension will add a Facebook tab onto toolbar of your chrome browser and no matter what website or blog you are surfing for just click on the Facebook tab via your chrome toolbar and do what which you do in official Facebook site.

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    How To Share Facebook Update From Google Chrome Extension

    1. You must be open Google Chrome browser and click on Google+ Chrome Extension for Access Facebook. It will open in a new tab and now look at Add to Chrome button and click on it. Then you will see a pop up window in which you have to click on Install. After installation make sure your Add to Chrome button has been converted to Added to Chrome.
    2. Now you have been integrated your chrome browser with this extension and you will notice that a Facebook icon has been added to your Google chrome browser like the preview mention in the above preview,
    3. Now click on Facebook icon(as shown in above preview) from your Google chrome browser(If you are not Log In then Sign In to Facebook) which will prompt browser to open a new window and requesting permission you to allow your Facebook data so simply click on Allow button.
    4. Now you are done and no matter which website you are browsing just click on Facebook icon in the toolbar of your Google chrome browser and do what which you want.
      You done!

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