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    Adding Facebook Subscriber Button To Blogs/Blogger/Websites

    add facebook subscribe button to websites
    Facebook Now Facebook is offering you to add a subscribe button to your websites/blogs. Your visitors now could be easily get updated with your Facebook public status updates by subscribed you with clicking the subscribe button on your websites/blogs. Whenever you published your article on your blog just you have to share it in your status publicly and your article will show on your subscriber and your friends wall stream which will give you more exposure than before. Now here is how you can add Facebook subscribe button to your blogs.

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    Add Facebook Subscribe Button To Blogger/Websites

    1. Log into Facebook. If you are not allowed to become your subscriber then first you have to enable this option by going to Allow Facebook Subscriber and click on Allow Subscriber to getting my public updates or read How To Enable Facebook Subscriber and if you are already allow subscriber then follow the below steps.
    2. Now click here on Get Facebook Subscribe Button for Blogs and choose the desired options you want, see the preview,

      facebook subscribe button

      In the Profile URL field put your Facebook profile URL and choose other options of your needs and click on Get Code.
    3. After click Get Code you will see a new window prompt like below,

      facebook subscribe button code

      You will see two options, copy the first part of the code and go to blogger edit html code and paste the first part of this code just after <body> tag.

      Now copy the second part of this code and paste this code where you want to show your Facebook subscribe button e.g., if you want to display your Facebook subscribe button below your post title then go to Blogger Dashboard --> Design --> Edit HTML ( Expand Widget Templates ) find the code (using ctrl+F) <data:post.body/> and paste the Second Code just before the <data:post.body/> code. It will look above your content area and if you want to show Facebook Subscribe Button to below your post then paste the Second Code below <data:post.body/>.
      *You can paste your Second Code into your sidebar widgets.

      *** If you are using automatic read more option for your custom templates of blogger then you will find <data:post.body/> code more than one so do for every one and look which one is working and save it.You can paste for both, if you want to display on home and post pages.

      # You can subscribe me on Facebook by going to top of this post :)
      You done!

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