How To Add Official Google+ Badge/Widget To Blogger/Blogs

Description: Adding Google+ Profile or Page Badge or Widget Snippet Code To your Blogger Blogs and gain your Audience on Google+ Page.

Google+ is officially provided you badges for your profile, pages or communities that you can add into your websites or blogs. The easiest and smarter way to grow your community is to add Google plus widget to your blogs. Users may add your official Google plus page to their circles, and would give you a thumb up as +1 to your blog. You can see my Google+ page badge in the right sidebar area, you may add my page to your circles, and I appreciate if you +1 it. They also would be able to give a thumb up to your blog via the +1 button. I have also added a Google+ profile page below to this article, please add me in your circle. Therefore, here is a quick guide to add Google+ badges as page, community or profile to blogs.

Add Google Plus Badge Widget To Blogger
Official Google+ Page Badge for Blogs
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To Add Official Google Plus Badge/Widget To Blogger

  1. Sign into Google+, and go to Google+ badges page. Now, in Google+ user section, you can choose your profile, page or community. In other options, you may select as of your need.
    *If you want to add badge for your community, then go to your community page, and copy the link , and paste that URL to Google+ user section. Below is a preview for adding a Google+ page badge.

    Google+ Page Badges

    Make sure, if you are using badge for your community pages, you are selected the correct URL. For example, my community page URL is If you have pasted the correct URL, you will see the preview in the right side. to select the correct Google+ page URL. For example, my page URL is You will also see the code snippet below to your preview that you to paste it into your blogs.
  2. The code will be divided into two parts.

    One is, <!-- Place this tag where you want the badge to render. -->
    Second is, <!-- Place this tag after the last badge tag. -->

    Now, copy the Second Part as shown in the preview, and sign in to Your Blogger Dashboard --> Choose you blog --> Template --> Edit HTML find the code (using ctrl+F) </head>, and paste the Second Part just above </head>.

    Now, copy the First Part and paste this tag where you want to show your Google+ Badge. For example,

    In Sidebar: paste First Part code into your sidebar widgets by going to Blogger Dashboard --> Layout --> Add a Gadget(choose from sidebars) --> HTML/JavaScript (Choose under pop up window) and paste your code and click on Save.

    In Content Above/Below: Sign in to Your Blogger Dashboard --> Template --> Edit HTML find the code (using ctrl+F) <data:post.body/>, and paste First Part code just before <data:post.body/> code to display on above the content area. If you want to show it below to content area, paste First Part code to below <data:post.body/>, and finally click on Save. If you are using read more hack on your Blogger blog, you would see <data:post.body/> code two times in your blog, so try for each and look at your blog to find out which is suitable for you.

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