How to Create/Edit/Delete Friend Lists in Facebook | Add/Remove Friends

Description: What is Facebook Lists? Create or Edit or Delete or Manage Friend Lists on Facebook. To Know about Default or Custom Lists on Facebook.

Facebook offers you to create friend lists into your Facebook profile which is an optional way to organize your friends. If you are connected with the internet, you may connect with your friends, business partners or interested groups. It was very hardly to get the proper updates from your different interest into your news feed. Now you have an option via the Facebook lists that will show the news you are interested in. For example, you can create a list, name "Business" for your business partners, including your company workers. You can now see only the news in your feed for "Business" list only. Similarly, you can add different types of list. Google+ has that function by default as circle feature, means the right information to the right person. Now, Facebook beats it with the Facebook lists feature so that you can filter the stories you see in your news feed by categories. You can also control what updates you want to show in your stream for individual lists. Therefore, here is how to add/remove friend lists on Facebook.

create friend lists in facebook
Friends List in Facebook
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Default Facebook Lists to Manage Your Friends

There are three types of default list in which you can manage your friends. Friends would not get notified if you add them to the lists. Check out the types of the lists given below,

If you want to add friends in any of below lists then just go to their Facebook profile(timeline) and hover your mouse on Friends at the right side which will show your lists(If you do not get the list then click on Show All Lists...), choose the lists in which you want to add the friend.

  1. Close Friends: You can add your best friends to this list, whose status should show up more in your news feed and you will get notified every time they post. In this list you have an option to control the notifications. You can turn off the notifications (go to close friends list, under Notifications choose Off.), if you don't wish to notify by close friends.
  2. Acquaintances: You can add your friends to this list, whose you don't need to stay in close touch with. All the peoples in that list will rarely show in your wall stream page. If you add any friend in that list then you will have an option to exclude this list by choosing Friends except acquaintances while sharing any post to your status updates in your wall or in your timeline profile page i.e., you can add your Ex. to this list. :)
  3. Restricted: This is a list of your friends that you don't wish to share with, like your boss. When you add someone to the restricted list then they will only be able to see your public status updates or the updates in which you have tagged them.
  4. Smart Lists: These are the lists which generates automatically based on the common info with your friends, like a city, job or school. If you live in Kanpur, you will have a list called Kanpur Area with all of your Facebook friends who live within 10 miles of Kanpur. You can change the radius of that list and you can manually add or remove friends from this list. This list will update automatically as your friends update their profile (timeline). For example, 10 of your friends live within 10 miles from Kanpur (according to their profile (timeline) information), they will be listed in your smart list Kanpur Area. If your 3 friends update their profile with the location within 10 miles from Kanpur, they will automatically be added into your smart list of Kanpur Area.

    You can not delete default lists, however the lists can be hidden automatically if you are not using them. You can have an option to show any list permanently on your homepage, hovering your mouse over the list name in your wall stream page and click on edit(gear icon), if you don't find it, hover your mouse over Friends tab on the left sidebar, click on More. You will see here are the lists, now click on gear option for the corresponding list, and click on Add to Favorites. It will see on the top left sidebar. You can also remove them from homepage by clicking on gear option, choose Remove from Favorites.

    In smart lists gear option, you will see another option for Archive list. These lists are basically generated based on the locations or company. If you don't wish to update any status with these lists, you can generally make it as archive list. Once you archive any list, it will accessible only through the list pages on Facebook. You can also restore the smart lists later.

How to Create a Friends List in Facebook | Add Friends to List

  1. Sign into Facebook, and go to your news feed, look on the left sidebar. Click More when hover your mouse on "Friends" or click here.
    Facebook Friend Lists
  2. Now click on + Create List and put your list name and then click on Create.

    Facebook List Name
  3. Now you can add your friend to this list by typing the name of your friend and choose the right friend in suggestion like below preview,

    Add friend in the list in Facebook

    You can add or remove your friends any time and also you can rename your list name. You can also choose what type of updates you want to show in your news feed for these lists. You can delete your custom lists anytime.

How to Remove Friends from List

Just like we mentioned before,

"If you want to remove your friends from any list, go to their Facebook profile(timeline) and hover your mouse on Friends at the right side which will show your lists (If you do not get the list then click on Show All Lists...), just you have to unchecked the list."

On the other way,

  1. Go to the desired list (or complete step 1 as mentioned above and choose the list) and click on Manage List at the top right corner and then click on Edit List.

  2. A window will pop up, simply hover your mouse on your friends photo, and click on a small cross that will delete your friend from this list.

Features of Lists to Manage Friends in Facebook

  1. Once you created list, you can differentiate your news feed according to the lists. Just go to (newsfeed homepage --> More [hover on friends] --> choose list) friend list, you will only see the status updates of those who are in that list.
  2. You can control, what types of update you want to show in the list news feed, such as status updates, photos, games and comments. Just going to that list and under Manage List choose "Choose Update Types...", and tick the options that you want to show in.
  3. To show the lists in your home page, go to the Facebook list page, and select "Add to favorite" under gear option.
  4. While sharing on Facebook, you will have an option in audience selector, next to Post button, by which you can select specific friends or lists to show your status updates which is similar as the right information to the right person like Google+ circles.
Conclusion: Friend lists in Facebook is a great feature by which we can easily categories our friends and their status updates. You can also share or not to share status updates to specific friend lists. Give a chance to list features on Facebook, and make your Facebook account more advance.

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