How To Hide/Show Mobile Number On Facebook For Specific Friends


hide show mobile number in facebookI  have joined so many social networking sites. All are awesome, but if we talk about the privacy, then I really like Facebook among all of them. Facebook allows you to hide any personal information to users including your friends. You can also read my previous post about the privacy that will hide your Facebook profile from search engines. In this post, I will show you to hide your mobile number from Facebook, or hide it for specific friends, or show your mobile no. to some specific friends. Nowadays, there are so many companies that collect the user's mobile no. and uses it to advertise. You are already getting the ads from your network operator. For your network operator, you can easily use DND (do not disturb) service. If you write your mobile no. publicly of Facebook, then your mobile no. can easily be caught by the companies, and you would get unwanted ads. Therefore, here is how to hide mobile number on Facebook.

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Hide/Show Your Mobile Number on Facebook

  1. Sign into Facebook, and go to your Facebook Profile Timeline.
  2. Now look at the right side in your Timeline page and click on Update Info.

    Hide Mobile From Facebook
  3. Now go to your Contact Information section,  and click on Edit under "Mobile Phones".
  4. Now click on the privacy box, as shown in the preview below. You will see some option to display your mobile number.

    Mobile setting in Facebook

    Now you can easily choose the options for which you want to show your mobile number.

    1. Choose Public for showing your mobile number to all users on Facebook.
    2. Choose Friends for showing your mobile number to only your friends.
    3. Choose Only Me for showing your mobile number to yourself only. It will hide your mobile no. for everyone.
    4. Choose Custom for showing/hiding your mobile number to specific friends or friend lists on Facebook.
    5. You can also select your lists to show your mobile number directly below Custom field as mention in the preview.
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