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    Showing/Hiding Mobile Number On Facebook For Friends

    hide show mobile number in facebookFacebook I am on many social networking sites but if we talk about the privacy settings then the most I like to Facebook social network which helps to control our private data. In Facebook you can easily select who can see your mobile number in your about info page. Mobile no. is the most private data for the users and Facebook respect all the private data of their users. You can choose your mobile no. to show for your particular friends or all friends except someone or you can show your mobile no. to selected friend lists or you can show your mobile number only to you. Here is how you can hide/show your mobile number to your friends.

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    Hide/Show Your Mobile Number On Facebook

    1. Sign into Facebook and go to your Facebook Profile Timeline (If you did not activated your Facebook Timeline then do it by Activate Facebook Timeline Profile).
    2. Now look at the right side in your Timeline page and click on Update Info.

      Hide Mobile From Facebook
    3. Now go to your Contact Info section  and click on Edit.

      Hiding Mobile Number in Facebook
    4. Now click on gear button under Mobile Phones.

      Mobile setting in Facebook

      Now you can easily choose the options for which you want to show your mobile number.

      1. Choose Public for showing your mobile number to all users of Facebook.
      2. Choose Friends for showing your mobile number to only your freinds.
      3. Choose Only Me for showing your mobile number to your self only. It will hide your mobile no. for everyone.
      4. Choose Custom for Make Mobile no. visible to people or lists and Hide Mobile no. to people or lists.
      5. You can also select your lists to show your mobile number directly below Custom field as mention in the preview.
        You done!

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