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    Facebook messenger for desktop client to chat with friendsFacebook has launched a desktop chat client for windows after leaked the download link. By Facebook messenger, obviously you can chat with your friends. You would get the notifications about your messages, friend requests and  your friend activities. In the Facebook messenger, you will have a news ticker of which you can completely hide or show. Facebook unveils the new features day to day, recently, Facebook launched interested lists for personalized own newspaper. Now, it's turned to Facebook messenger for windows desktop client. So, here is how to install Facebook chat messenger for windows desktop.

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    Install Facebook Chat Messenger For Windows Desktop

    Facebook chat messenger for windows desktop client
    1. Log into Facebook, and click here on download Facebook messenger, as shown in the above preview click on Install Now.
    2. When installation completed, run the setup to be install the Facebook chat messenger into your desktop.
    3. Once, your Facebook chat messenger installed, you'll see an icon into your desktop notification area,

      Facebook messenger icon in desktop

      double click on Facebook messenger to open and get start your chat.

      Facebook messenger icon in desktop

    4. You will also be notified for your friend's activity, who likes your status or commented on friend's photo of you.

      Facebook notification when messenger installed

    5. These are the basic options for installing Facebook messenger. Below is the optional settings for your Facebook messenger, if you don't allow to get your Facebook messenger in your start up program.

      How To Remove Facebook Messenger From Windows Start Up Program

    6. By default, when you start computer, Facebook messenger will start. If you don't wish to start your Facebook messenger automatically or you wish to start Facebook messenger manually, then you can follow the steps by clicking on,  Start(window start button) --> Run(type run in search field) and type msconfig to desired path, and click OK.

      Facebook messenger in startup program

      Now, click on Startup tab under System Configuration.Find the Facebook messenger in startup items and unchecked it, and finally click on Apply, and then click on OK.

      Remove Facebook messenger from windows startup program

      You have to restart computer to take effect.

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