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    seo pack for blogger and robots.txt files
    Do you know something about SEO or SEO Pack? If yes, you would be more likely to use WordPress than Blogger because WordPress has some plugins to write SEO friendly content, creating different descriptions for each post, and you can edit your robots.txt file. In Blogger, there were no options for that. I am very happy to announce you that Google has decided to take Blogger more SEO friendly, and launched some features via "customize your search preferences" into the dashboard by which you can write different description for each post into your post editor, and you can modify robots.txt file while writing post into the post editor. Even, you can see some extra features inside your post editor, for example, you will have an option to add "alt" and "title" into your images, and also you would get an option to add rel attribute to choose it "nofollow" on clickable links in blogger. In the new settings of Blogger, you may set 404 pages not found message to your visitors and the feature what I like the most, is that you can set to redirect of any broken links to your existing original link. Here is how to make Blogger SEO friendly via Blogger SEO Pack.

    Install SEO Pack For Blogger via "Customize Your Search Preferences"

    1. Sign into Blogger board.
    2. Click on Setting under more options,

      Search prefrence setting under more options

    3. Click on Search preferences under Settings,

      SEO pack for Blogger

      now you can choose to Enabled/Disabled, what do you want, and if you enabled Description or Custom robots header tags, you would get these option into your post editors so you can modify it for different posts. Let you enabled Description, then you would see an option into post editor like the below preview,

      Different description option inside post editor.

      So when you create new post, write the corresponding description in the right side and click on Done. 
    4. You can easily add H2(Heading), H3(Subheading), H4(Minor heading) into post by choosing the option from editor post toolbar, like the below preview,

    5. When you create any text links into your post, you will have an option to make your links to "nofollow or dofollow". Look at the below preview if you unchecked the box, your link will be dofollow and if you checked the box, your link will converted to nofollow.

      nofollow tags in post editor.

    6. When you upload photos to your post, you will have an option to add "alt" and "title" tags to images by clicking on the image and then click on Properties.

      Images alt and title tag for blogger
    You have successfully installed SEO Pack for Blogger.
    You done!

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