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    What Is Google Drive? Free 5 GB Cloud Space in Google Drive

    what is Google Drive? 5 GB free cloud storage
    What is Google Drive? If you have heard about Dropbox, Google Drive is similar as Dropbox and having some extra features than Dropbox. Google Drive is cloud storage to manage your files online. You can upload any type of file to Google Drive, and access it to anywhere on the web, in home, office and while you are walking on the road. You can download the Google Drive android app to your android phones, tablets or iPads. Google Drive is also available for MAC and PC. You can also open your uploaded files in the drive on the web. You don't need to install Microsoft office to open .xls file in the Google Drive. You can open the different format files such as .pdf, .doc, Photoshop mockups and AutoCAD drawings directly into Google Drive. You can also watch videos and photos in the drive. Basically, Google drive is an upgrade version of Google Docs. If you are using Google Docs, then you will have an option to upgrade your Google Docs to Google Drive. Once you upgraded you can not switch back to the old Google Docs. What we like the most in Google Drive,

    Features in Google Drive

    • 5 GB Free Storage: Yes, Google Drive is live for 5 GB free storage. You can upload anything photos, videos, documents, presentations and share it to anyone, you and let other may comment on your documents.
    • Premium plans are minimal: If you need the cloud space more than 5 GB, you can go with premium plan in Google drive. Below is the table for per month basis.
      25GB: $2.49
      100GB: $4.99
      200GB: $9.99
      400GB: $19.99
      1TB: $49.99
      2TB: $99.99
      4TB: $199.99
      8TB: $399.99
      16TB: $799.99
    • Search in Google Drive: That is what Google has specialty. Type your keyword in the search and Google will parse all your files to find the most relevant files. Google drive search can read the text of your scanned documents and photographs using OCR (optical character recognition).
    • Create and collaborate. Google Docs is built right into Google Drive, so you can work with others in real time on documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Once you choose to share content with others, you can add and reply to comments on anything (PDF, image, video file, etc.) and receive notifications when other people comment on shared items.
    • Send files to email address: You can send any files inside from your Google drive account to email address, that facility is not available in any service similar as Google drive. In the future you can also attach files from your Google drive account into your Gmail account.
    To go with Google drive click on Signup in Google Drive.

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