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    Using Facebook is full of fun. You are growing your connections inside Facebook day to day including your all girlfriends/boyfriends, and look on all their activities. Do you want to impress any person on Facebook? I don't want to say that you have no guts. Yes, absolutely you have, but this trick will surely help you to impress any person because it is different from the normal way. If you are doing anything in the same way repeatedly, friends get to bore with you so why not to change the way in your Facebook chat conversation. You may use any picture of that person, you are chatting with or whatever you want, you can send within the Facebook chat conversation, which will be the different from friends of friend, and the result, impressed by you. It is not enough; you can also type in different font style into your chat box to grab the eyes of your friends. Therefore, here is how to post any images or write different font style to Facebook chat box.

    Different font style send images in Facebook chat box
    Image credit: zazzle.com

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    Post Any Images or Pictures Into Facebook Chat Box

    1. Go to this site Images for chat.
    2. Scroll down the page until you see,
      Post any images to facebook chat box
      click on Browse..., and select any image from your desktop. Type the captcha code in the desired field, and finally click on Upload Now. Now, wait... for some seconds. You may ask to like the Facebook page if you want to show the corresponding code of your images. You can like or simply click on Skip button to show your code. The code will look like the below preview,
      Facebook chat box creator
    3. Now, paste the code to Facebook chat.
      send images in Facebook chat box

    How To Write in Different Font Style in Facebook Chat Box

    1. Go to this site Different font style in Facebook chat.
    2. Scroll down the page until you see,
      different font style for Facebook chat
      As shown in the following image, type your text which will generate a code.
    3. Now, paste the code to Facebook chat.
      change the font in Facebook chat
    You done!

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