Blue Color Text To Update Facebook Timeline Status-New Method

Description: Blue color text on Facebook. Update your Facebook status with new method in Blue color text.

Color texts always catch the eyes of the viewers so for the blue color. Your Facebook account is nothing without your connections. If a friend posts a status update, it would be appear in your newsfeed. It is similar for your status updates too. You status updates would be appear on your friends newsfeed. Let you have more than 400 friends, and each friend update his/her status two times in a day. It means you will get around 800 posts into your newsfeed. Is it possible to you to read each and every status updates in your news feed? Definitely no. Writing different font style or writing with different colors can catch the eyes of the viewers that are the main advantages of these styling. You can also use bold, italic or strikethrough text to grab the attention on your status. The more attention you have on your status the more likes or comments you get. In this post, I will show you to write in blue color on your Facebook timeline.

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Update: Many users complaining that the method is not working, because Facebook has stopped it. Don't worry, I have done it again by making a simple tweak. Just follow the below post, you can write in blue text on Facebook timeline. Therefore, here is how to change font color on Facebook timeline - new method.
write in blue color text in Facebook status and comments
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Blue Color Texts in Facebook Status Update and Facebook Comments

  1. Sign into Facebook account, and go to the status update field of your timeline or friend's timeline. You may use it for the comments on any status but it will be display only on mobiles.
  2. Copy the following piece of code,
    @[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Type Here]]
    Don't forget to change Type Here with your own text.
  3. Once you are ready to paste above code on the timeline, look on the URL field, and change "www" with "m", and hit enter. It will show you the mobile version site on your computer. For example, if you want to write blue text on my Facebook wall, my Facebook profile URL is, so remove "www" from my URL, and add "m", and hit enter.
    Now, paste above code to the status.
    Blue text in Facebook status
    and finally click on Post or press enter if you are writing on the comment section. After posting, you can change "m" with "www" for the desktop site. You will see, you have updated your status update with blue color text.
    Blue font in Facebook status
Does blue color text still not working on your Facebook account? If yes, it means Facebook has also detected this method too. Stop searching to update your Facebook status updates in blue color text. However, you may use the following method to write in blue color anywhere on Facebook which is an official way for the hashtag. 100% working method to make your text in blue color, and always will be.

Let you want to make "Hello I am John" text in blue color then use,


100% working tricks for blue color text on Facebook

You must start with "#", don't use space between the words, instead of it use "_" underscore.

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