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    Color texts always catch the eyes of the viewers on any forms or content on the web. Facebook is full of your friend's connection and everyone get update with his/her friend's status. Let you have more than 400 friends, then you may get update with the news about your all friends by the Facebook subscriber feature. I have a trick to update your Facebook status with the blue color text so that your status looks differently than other friend's status of your friends. It will definitely give the more exposure to your status updates or comments than the normal texts. Therefore, here is how to update Facebook status or comments with blue color texts.
    write in blue color text in Facebook status and comments

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    Once you make your text in Blue into your Facebook status or Facebook comments, then it will make with the clickable link, which point to the Facebook timeline profile of the viewer.

    Blue Color Texts in Facebook Status Update and Facebook Comments

    1. Sign into Facebook account, and go to the status update field of your timeline or your friend's timeline. You may use it to comment on any status.
    2. Copy the following piece of code,
      @[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Type Here]]
      don't forget to change Type Here with your own text.
    3. Paste the above code to the status field or comments,
      Blue text in Facebook status
      and finally click on Post or press enter if you are writing on the comment section.
      Blue font in Facebook status
      Once you done. You will see your status update with the blue color text which linked to your Facebook timeline.

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