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    Do you want to promote your business on Facebook for free? Facebook introduced its yet another latest feature, Interest Lists, a few months back meant to allow users to follow specific topics related to their interest while giving them a chance of promoting and driving traffic to their own profile or page. The idea of Interest Lists, following in the footsteps of Circles in Google+ and lists in Twitter, is to manage relevant pages and profiles together as an Interest List. Obviously, one can always subscribe to each of those pages and friend those profiles separately but there are several reasons why a user would prefer an Interest List over that method. Therefore here is how to promote your business on Facebook by Interest Lists.

    How to promote business on Facebook by interest lists
    Promote your Business on Facebook via Interest Lists

    Promote Your Business on Facebook by Interest Lists

    What is your interest?

    Interest Lists have simplified following material that is particular to a topic without filling up a user’s entire Facebook newsfeed. Only the top posts appear in user’s newsfeed but the posts can be followed completely by selecting a specific list from home page under the Interests section. Therefore, if you need to follow your favorite sport or hobby and there is already an Interest List in place for that topic it saves you all the effort of tirelessly looking through a plethora of profiles and pages. A user can also share and promote the same topic to other users, create an interest list according to his/her interest and make it public so that others can follow that topic.

    Advertise for free…really?

    For business owners with Facebook pages and others who wish to have fanfare for their profiles, Interest lists can really help do the job saving huge sums that would otherwise be spent on marketing and promotion. Now the real question that follows is that how can someone use interest lists to gain a following and drive traffic towards their page? Firstly, the user needs to come up with an Interest List, related to his/her page that the user wants to promote, such that the list appeals to others as interesting or valuable. In order to do that the user would have to scour through Facebook to find other popular sources of information regarding the same topic. The user can then simply add his/her own page along with these other sources to the Interest List. The trick here for the user is to make sure the Interest List as a whole holds utility for the target audience so that more and more people cue up subscribing to the list. Naturally, the more followers the List is able to conjure up the more following you have for your own page.

    So…what’s the catch?

    However, it should not be deemed a way of sidestepping the delivery of good content as the people subscribing to the Interest List are looking for topic specific information and material that is worth their time, if your list fails to provide that then the users can simply unsubscribe to that list. As aforementioned, a worthy Interest List can get really popular among Facebook users while the one creating such list can build terms with the users, provide information and gain following for his/her own page using this feature.

    On the flip side, Interest Lists can also serve the interests of cyber stalkers, who may no longer require the services of a mobile spy (download: click here) or a computer monitoring software. Once you have a profile added as an interest, your Facebook newsfeed shows that profile’s activities with greater emphasis. Considering the fact that many users do not have privacy settings in place with Facebook changing its layout and updating settings more often than not, Interest Lists expose such users to a greater risk in terms of the invasion of their privacy. Additionally, as Interest Lists serve to give us content specific information, Facebook can use our information to track our likes and interests for targeted advertisements.

    Nonetheless, only the profiles that are a part of a user’s friends lists can be added as interests so the problem is not inherent in the Interest Lists but they can serve vested interests preying on users’ carelessness as many of us add contacts that we do not know well enough.

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