Send Automatic Tweets to Facebook Fan Page/Status Update

Description: Sending automatic tweets to Facebook profile status updates. Send tweets to Facebook fan pages.

Do you want to send your Twitter tweets to Facebook account automatically? Here is a simple guide that will let your tweet to be posted as a Facebook fan page or status update. Twitter and Facebook both are the most popular platform on the internet. If you are a webmaster, then you must have to keep an account in Twitter and Facebook. If you are a businessman, and you want to share your thought with your partners, workers or friends, those social media sites can help you. We know, specially the webmasters and business owners have the busy schedule on daily basis. Therefore, if we update the same status on both social networking sites manually, it would be more time consuming. By applying this method, you may update your status update by tweeting on Twitter. Therefore, here is a quick guide to post automatic tweets on Facebook by Twitter.
How to send tweets to Facebook status
Send your Twitter tweets to Facebook profile & pages wall status.

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Post Twitter Tweets to Facebook Fan Page| Facebook Status Update

  1. Sign into Twitter, and click here on profile setting menu.
  2. Now, click on Connect to Facebook under Facebook option. A window will pop up. Login to Facebook, click on "Okay". Now, select who can see the updates making by Twitter, select it, and again click on "Okay".
  3. Your Twitter account has been successfully linked with your Facebook account. By default, your tweets will posted to your Facebook profile wall. If you wish to post your tweets on one of your Facebook pages, then go to Twitter profile setting page again, and scroll down the page until you see,

    posted tweets to facebook pages
    Now, tick on my Facebook page and select the desired page that will take the automatic changes. The above preview is old so the save changes button is appear. I regularly update our content when found something new. Now, your Twitter account has been successfully linked with your Facebook page so make a tweet to Twitter it will display on your Facebook page too.
The best part of this application is that your tweets will display on Facebook with your Twitter username so you may get additional followers to your Twitter account. The better part of this application is, Facebook will display the associated link with the Title & Thumbnail. Take a preview,

Facebook display title and thumbnail

:) You may follow me on Twitter @shadabiitr, and Facebook @BloggerTipsSEOTricks.

Conclusion: I really like the Twitter integration on Facebook by which we don't have to update the same news on both networks. I hope, automatic tweets to Facebook fan page or Facebook status update would be beneficial for you too. In reverse, you can also use Facebook integration for Twitter to auto tweets when you update your Facebook status updates.

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