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    Do you want to share your Facebook updates as posting photos, videos, group & event creation, links and status updates to twitter? If yes, then follow this article. Twitter is also a most popular social media site to get update with your audience or friends. If you have a lot of friends in Facebook, and have a lot of followers in your twitter account, and you want to share your update with friends in Facebook and followers in twitter, then you don't need to update your status with both in Facebook and twitter account. An official Facebook application turns your Facebook status updates to tweets for your followers in your twitter account so post in Facebook that turn to tweet in twitter (Update: you may post your tweets to Facebook automatically). Therefore, here is how to share Facebook status update on twitter or connect Facebook to twitter.

    share your facebook status update to twitter
    Share Your Facebook Status Updates to Twitter Account.

    Share Facebook Status as Photos, Videos and Links To Twitter | Facebook to Twitter

    1. Sign into Facebook & Twitter account, and click here on Facebook to Twitter app.
    2. Now, click on Link My Profile to Twitter, which will ask you to authorize Facebook profile to use your twitter account so click on Authorize app.
    3. Once you clicked on Authorize app as in the above step, your Facebook account is linked with your twitter account. Make sure to keep in mind that only Facebook posts with a privacy setting of 'Public' will be shared on Twitter. However, you may control which type of posts will be shared on Twitter by the edit settings option as mention in the below preview,

      privacy setting in facebook to twitter

      so check what you want to shared, and unchecked you don't want to shared with Twitter, and click on Save Changes.
    4. You may unlink your Twitter account from your Facebook profile anytime. Look at on the above preview, and click on Unlink from Twitter. That's it!
    *In the above method, we have linked the Facebook profile with Twitter account so the status updates, post by our profile, will be shared on Twitter. If you wish to share the status updates from your Facebook fan pages to Twitter, then you can use your Facebook page as you used Facebook profile. Here is how to connect Facebook fan pages to Twitter.

    Connect Facebook Fan Pages To Twitter

    You may shared your Facebook fan page's status updates to your Twitter account, which is similar to connect Twitter with Facebook profile. Follow the simple steps.

    1. Click here on Facebook to Twitter page.
    2. Scroll down the page, and under Link Your Pages to Twitter click on Link to Twitter associated with the desired page.

      link facebook fan page to twitter

      Once you clicked, the process is same as you have done in the above steps, just authorize the Facebook in Twitter account, and choose what to shared with Twitter account. That's it!
    3. If your page linked to Twitter, You will see the options like,

      connect facebook fan page to twitter

      select what to shared with your Twitter account. You may unlink your Twitter account from your Facebook fan page anytime by clicking on Unlink from Twitter link shown in the above preview.

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