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    Do you want to write Hindi in your Facebook status updates? Want to use Hindi in Facebook chat and comments? If yes, there are so many online translator services that convert your Hinglish (read Hindi by typing in English) typing to Hindi, such as Google translator and Quill Pad. Peoples like me are very lazy to make our text in Hindi on other places, and then copy-paste to Facebook status/comments/chat, Google+ and Twitter. If you are a Hinglish typing user then why not to use the Hindi language by doing the same job. You don't need to go anywhere to convert your language in Hindi for updating the Facebook status. Write in Hinglish to your Facebook status, it will be converted to Hindi automatically by this trick. This trick will be valid for anywhere on the web, such as Google plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Orkut, Facebook. Therefore, here is how to write Hindi in Facebook Status, Comments, Chat and Google+.
    type hindi in facebook status chat comments
    Write Hindi in Facebook Stats, chat and comments

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    Hindi in Facebook Status | Hindi in Facebook Chat | Hindi in Facebook Comments

    I will use the transliteration bookmarklet to use the Hindi typing in Facebook status, comments and chat.

    1. You have to drag and drop this transliteration bookmarklet [अ Type in Hindi] to your browser that will always appear on your bookmark menu, but the bookmarking is different for each browser so choose the below option for your browser and bookmark that bookmarklet to your browser.
      • Firefox Users: Drag and drop the above bookmarklet to your Firefox's bookmark menu.
        hindi facebook status in firefox
      • Chrome & Safari Users: If you don't see the bookmark menu on your Chrome or Safari browser, press Ctrl+Shift+B. Now, drag and drop the above transliteration bookmarklet to your bookmark menu.
      • IE Users: Right click on empty space in IE toolbar area and checked the Favorites bar. Now, drag and drop the above transliteration boorklet on favorites bar.
    2. Once you bookmark the transliteration bookmarklet to your browser. You are ready to go with Hindi typing on any social networking sites. Just Login to your favorite social networking site, such as Facebook.
    3. Now, when you want to write Hindi, click on [ अ Type in Hindi] from your bookmark menu. It will load the script. Once loaded, click on the text box area where you want to write you will see अ besides to your text box area as shown in the below image that can be move anywhere. Now, type anything it will automatically convert to Hindi. If you want to disable this function just click again on [ अ Type in Hindi].

      write hindi facebook status
    You done!

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