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    If you’re planning on giving your business brand a boost or just trying to spread the word about some new product, one of the best ways to do it would be by using Facebook to promote it. Facebook is by far the biggest social networking site in the world and each and every day, millions of people log into their accounts. Therefore, the market of potential buyers who would be interested in what you have to offer is limitless.
    how to use facebook in business
    Tips to growth your Business by Facebook

    So, what do you need to do in order to effectively use Facebook to promote your business? Let’s take a look at some of the basics in order to get the ball rolling:

    Tips to Promote Your Business on Facebook

    • Setting up the page - First and foremost, you’re going to need to create a Facebook page for your business and you need to make sure that it looks professional. People would love to contact you, so make sure you give them enough information to do so.

      Next you would need to add a nice and suitable picture for your page as well as the URL of your website. As far as possible, the page picture should be your logo. In addition to these basics, try to add a company description as well. Because, this would be able to explain exactly what your business offers and how the customers would benefit.
    • Status Updates – You’re going to need to keep your business page updated and the best way to do this is to update your status. Each and every status update needs to be interesting and it should catch the eye of the reader.

      The main purpose of having these updates is to try to form a companionship with your followers by giving them a chance to interact. After all, Facebook marketing only consists of branding and interaction.
    • Stick to a limit – Don’t flood your followers with updates and neither should you forget about it altogether; both would have a bad impact on your following.
    • Post useful links – Of course you’re interested in getting more followers, customers and fans to your business. But, the best way to do this is to gain their trust. They’re only going to believe and trust you if you actually help them. Therefore, you should make it a point to post on topics that are going to help them, maybe links to other business as well. These businesses should be in your niche but not exactly your competitors – you wouldn’t want to lose customers.
    • Don’t post sales updates – Even if you’re trying to let people know about a new product you’re launching don’t throw it right across their faces. Instead, post something of relevance that would make them want to know more and indirectly they would have to visit your website – that’s where you need to announce the brand new entry!

      Whatever happens, you should never give up your posts, and people may not follow you when they notice you once or twice. Things take time to build up – so give it time and you’d see the fruit of your labor.

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