Why Google+ Ranking Is Important For Your Websites/Blogs


What is the importance of Google Plus for your websites or blogs? In this article, we will show the important factors to use Google+ for your websites. Google is promoting its new social platform Google plus. Google Plus is growing rapidly; gaining more followers than any other social network ever did in its early days. Adding Google plus to your website or marketing campaign helps to increase the traffic and ranking of your site in the search engines. Therefore, here is the importance of Google Plus ranking for blogs.
why Google Plus ranking is important for websites
Google+ Importance for Your Websites

Google Plus Ranking and Your Blogs or Websites

Maintaining multiple social platforms can be overwhelming and time consuming. But, adding Google plus to your site will soon result in higher rankings on Google. Google has introduced its new social platform to identify and track how the users rate the web content. Then based on the results and analysis Google will modify the search algorithm to better suit the user and to provide them the optimal search experience. Below are some main points to use the Google Plus for your websites.

  • It is a smart idea to include Google plus into your social media marketing plans. You can create a page in Google plus and gain more and more followers to your website; Google is better at gaining artificial popularity.
  • Google plus users can send emails to their co-workers and other users asking them to share their website with other people. This is one of the best marketing techniques. So, start using Google plus and send emails which contain good content that can easily convince other users to share your website. You can also send the private messages on Google+.
  • Ensure that you have added +1 button on your site. This will increase the visibility and earn you more clicks. It is better to share the button at the top or bottom of the web page content, as it’s at its most visible point there.
  • Google plus is also provided with the ‘circles’ option. With this you can keep different types of people and interests separate. You can create various circles like friends, marketing, clients etc. and add people to the circles; you can add one person to more than one group. You have an option to display the specific friends on the Google+ profile.
  •  The Google plus search feature works similar to that of the standard Google search. It includes three categories for searching, everywhere, from everyone and everything. With these searches SEO within Google plus is possible and helps you to improve traffic to your site. Recently, Google also started adding Google plus profiles to search results.
Having quality products alone is not enough; you need to advertise your products and services to the maximum amount of people. So, every business, either small or large, should rely on advertising. You need to describe your products and tell your prospective customers why they should use your services. Social networks like Google+ are the best platforms to advertise and to connect with a vast number of people. You can also read my next post, disadvantage of SEM.
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