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    If you want to optimize your images for SEO, and don't have any knowledge about HTML coding, then it is very difficult to optimize your images for SEO. However, if you used Blogger platform for your blogging, you can fully SEO optimize your Blogger images without editing in HTML source. Recently, Google has implemented so many changes to make the Blogger more SEO friendly, such as SEO pack for Blogger through "Customize your search preferences." Now, you can optimize any images for SEO in Blogger through the post editor. I would recommend you to add at-least one image to the article, and optimize it with the targeted keyword. We have seen many bloggers getting traffic from the Google image search engine due to their optimized images. Therefore, here is how to SEO optimize Blogger's images without HTML coding.

    how to optimize blogger images for seo
    SEO for Blogger Images

    How to Optimize Blogger's Images for SEO without HTML Required

    1. Go to edit any post or create a new post with Blogger post editor with the compose mode.
    2. Now, upload any image to your post or choose any existing image, and click on it. You will see some options for your images like the below preview,

      how to optimize our images in blogger
      Figure - A

      Now, click on Original size to keep the original size of your image (when you upload HQ images, blogger re-sizes it.) You may set your image position to left, right or center by the options given on the above preview. If you wish, you can change the clickable link on this image by clicking on the Edit link, and remove the existing link and paste your new link. If the targeted link is outside from your domain, then it is better to make it nofollow by make a tick on Add 'rel=nofollow' attribute and click ok. If you don't wish to use clickable image, then click on Link option after selecting the photo.
    3. Click on Properties as mention in the figure -A, You will see an option like the below preview,

      how to add title and alt text in images
      write your image's title and alt text that includes your targeted keywords (Do not keyword stuffing.) Finally, click on OK. 
    4. Click on Add caption as mention in the figure - A, and add caption (caption is a small text below to the image) with your keyword. You may see our first image with the caption.
    You have successfully optimized your Blogger image for SEO.

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