How to (Deal with/Control) Unwanted Tagged Photos on Facebook

Description: Steps to control or deal with unwanted or unrelated tagging on Facebook photos. Prevent unwanted tagged photos.

Are you worried for unwanted tagging features on Facebook? Do you interrupt when someone tagged you on unrelated or unwanted photos? This post is a solution for your unwanted tagged photos, and you can even control on unwanted notification on Facebook. I have seen may peoples get unwanted notifications from candy crush game app, even they don't interested to play. You may block candy crush requests. Let a friend uploaded a photo and tagged you while you were not present on that photo, but Facebook will consider that this is your photo that will published on your timeline and your friends may see your tagged photos by his/her news feed. Whenever someone like or comment on it, you will get notification. This is not enough. That is a single case for one friend. It may happen for more than one friend, suppose for ten friends then how many notifications will you get, which are totally unrelated to your profile? You will definitely interrupt with this unwanted tagged feature on Facebook. Therefore, here is a quick solution to deal with unwanted tagging on Facebook.

how to control on unrelated tags on facebook
Set privacy to stop unwanted tagging on Facebook.

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Let some friends tagged you in different photos. Will you go to each friend's wall and write, "I don't want to be tagged in your photos, please do not tag me in the future?" If you do, you are wrong because you cannot control over your friend's Facebook profile. Everyone has freedom to use his or her profile. It is better to set privacy for your tagged photos that who can tag you. Who can see your tagged photos? Which tagged photos will publish on your Facebook Timeline?

Control or Deal with Unwanted Photos Tagging on Facebook

There are no ways to turn off the tagging feature on Facebook, however there are ways to control how your tagged content will appear and who can see it on Facebook by the following steps.

  1. Remove Tags from older Photos

    You may already tagged on existing photos. You can untag from these photos. Go to your Facebook Timeline profile, and click on Photos. Now under "Photos and Videos of You", you will see the no. of photos and videos in which you was tagged by your friends. To remove the tagging from those photos, click on the Photos » Options » Report/Remove Tag. You will not see "Report/Remove Tag" on the photos, if you had posted it.

    how to remove tags from Facebook photos

    A window will prompt up, and click on "Okay".

    ***Short Method: Open photos in Photo Theater, hover mouse on your name, and click on Remove Tag. If you don't see such options, go for the above method.
  2. Prevent Photos to Publish on Timeline, automatically

    By applying this method, the tagged photos will not be published on your Facebook timeline, first you have to review it, and allow or disallow to publish on timeline.
    • Log into your Facebook account and go to Privacy Settings.

      facebook privacy setting for timeline review

    • Click on "Timeline and Tagging" on the left sidebar. Now click on "Edit" right to "Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline?" under "Who can add things to my timeline?" Just "Enabled" it.
    • Whenever you tagged on photos by your friends, you will get a notification to review it. You can also review your tagged photos by click on "View activity log" from your profile, and then go to "Timeline review".

  3. Stop Notifications on Unwanted Tagged Photos

    Once you tagged, you will get notification to review it as the following preview,

    how to review photos before get published on timeline

    Click on it, you will be redirect to the Timeline review page. Click on the photo you are tagged in. Now click on Stop Notifications. ("Stop Notifications" option will only be visible, when you are tagged on someone Facebook profile. It is not for Facebook pages or groups, in that case, you have to remove the tags as mention above.)
    how to unfollow posts on facebook

    It is all because of unwanted notification so whenever someone liked it or commented on this photo, you will never be notified by your notification area. Once you stop notifications, closed the photo theater, and click on "Hide" under timeline remove to prevent it to publish on your timeline.

    hide facebook tagged photos from timeline
These are the basic steps to control or deal with the unwanted tagged photos on Facebook. Hope you find it helpful. You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (Look on the right sidebar to follow).

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