Embed any Tweet in Blogger Blog Posts & Sidebar

Description: Officially Embed any Tweet in your Blogger blogs post. You can also show tweets in your Blogger sidebars.

Do you want to embed Twitter tweets in your blog? Here is a simple guide to do it simply. Twitter is also a best place like other social media sites to drive traffic to your blog. The more re-tweets your post has, the more traffic you'll get. Twitter had changed their site look recently, and now Twitter has officially allowed you to embed any tweets into your blog. Just you have to paste some piece of code, provided by twitter, to where you want to show the embedded tweets. If you are using embed tweet box in your blog, it has so many features listed below. If you are new to my blog, you should also read how can you show your Blogger post featured image, title, description and author information to Twitter via Twitter summary card meta tags when someone tweet your post. Now, take a live preview of embed tweet inside my blog posts that you may re-tweet, favorite it directly via this embedded tweet.
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Why should I use Tweet Embed Function in our Blog Posts

  • You are followed by your visitors directly via the embed tweet.
  • They can re-tweet easily.
  • They can reply to you.
  • Your visitors can add your tweets in their favorite list.
  • Increase your Twitter followers.

How to Embed Tweet in your Blogger Blog Posts & Sidebars

  1. Go to your Twitter account or someone else twitters account, and goes to the tweets page.
  2. Choose the tweet you want to embed in your blog. Let I want to embed the following tweet, so when you choose the Twitter status, click on "Expand",
    how to expand tweets
  3. According to the above preview, click on "Embed Tweet" under "....More".
  4. Now, a window will prompt up like the following preview,
    this is an official way to embed any tweets on blogs
    Just copy the code, and paste on Blogger.
  5. Paste tweet embed code into Blogger posts:

    Create any new post or go to the edit mode of any of your post, then click on "HTML", make sure you are not in "Compose" mode in your Blogger post editor. Now, paste the copied code anywhere in your post editor where you want to display it. Similar, you can use this code anywhere on the web where HTML allowed. Therefore, you may also use this code into your WordPress blog, just keep in mind that you have to choose "HTML" mode into your post editor.

    Paste tweet embed code into sidebar in Blogger:

    You can paste the copied code into your sidebar widgets by going to Blogger Dashboard --> Layout --> Add a Gadget(choose from sidebars) --> HTML/JavaScript (Choose under pop up window) and paste your code, Finally click on Save.
Now, what should be the next? Do you want to embed documents file such as PDF, DOC or XLS into your Blogs? Here is a simple solution. Read how to embed PDF, Microsoft Word .doc or Microsoft Excel .xls file to blog: included responsive embed code.
You can also use Twitter marketing to grow your business.

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