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    Do you want to have a dofollow backlink from Pinterest to your Blogger blogs? If yes, follow the simple guideline to complete the task. It is very easier to verify the WordPress blog with Pinterest, and get a dofollow backlink. Therefore, it is a necessary condition to verify the ownership of your blog if you want to get a simple dofollow backlink from Pinterest.

    how to verify blogger by meta tag on pinterest
    Verify Blogger Blog on Pinterest by Meta tags.

    Pinterest has recently launched this functionality. Bloggers are in troubles who are blogging with Blogger hosted blogs as me. The reason is; Pinterest allows the site's verification only by the uploading a HTML file to your site's root directory. Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't have any option to upload any file to their root directory. I look around it and found another method to verify our Blogger blogs on Pinterest. This blog has been verified on Pinterest, but Pinterest allows the ownership for a site only so we have decided to get a dofollow backlink for my new blog. Therefore, here is a step by step guide to verify a Blogger blog on Pinterest by Meta tags.

    How to Verify Blogger/BlogSpot on Pinterest by Meta Tag Verification

    1. Go to Pinterest.com, and Login into your account. (If you don't have any account, then create it first.)
    2. After Login, look on the right side, hover the mouse on your name, and click on Settings.

      setting on pinterest
    3. Scroll down the page, and write your Blogger URL under "Website" section. Finally, click on "Verify Website."
      "It is possible that you don't have the option of "Verify Website" in your Pinterest profile. If it is, just type your URL, and click on Save Profile. Now, click here on Verify Website."

      how to verify blogger blog on pinterest
    4. Once you click on verify website, you will be redirected to a page that will ask you to download a HTML file that you have to upload into your Blogger's root directory. Shut up all these things, just download the HTML file to your desktop.

      download HTML file to your desktop

      Open it with WordPad, and copy the meta content which contains p:domain_verify i.e.,

      verify blogger by meta tag on pinterest

      Copy your meta tag as highlighted in the above code, and go to your Blogger Dashboard --> Template(Under more options) --> Edit HTML(and Proceed) ( Expand Widget Templates ), find this code (using ctrl+F) <head> and below this code paste the copied meta tag. Finally, click on Save template.
    5. Now, go to your Blogger overview page >> Settings >> Search preferences. Look under "errors and redirections." Click on Edit associated with Custom Redirects.

      where to redirect blogger urls

      Now, click on New redirect.

      pinterest url redirection to homepage

      Now, in the "From:" field, type your uploaded HTML file name as "/pinterest-xxxxx.html", make sure it will start with a "/" and end with ".html". In the "To:" field, type a "/" only. Here I am redirecting the Pinterest verification URL to our homepage. It will clearly find our Meta tag which we have placed before. Now, make it permanent by a tick (See 3). Finally, click on Save and Save changes.
    6. If you have properly redirected it, visit http://www.yourblogname.com/pinterest-xxxx.html URL. If you found your homepage, you have done this step.
    7. Now, go again to Verify Website. Click on "Click here" in 3rd step of instructions.
    You have verified your ownership of your Blogger on Pinterest. If you have still any doubt, or could not be able to verify your Blogger blog on Pinterest. One comment is enough for it :)

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