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    Adding different Meta description tags to each post will make your Blogger blog more searchable in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can easily add the Meta tags on WordPress blog to each post and pages via their post editor using different plugins. However, this is not the case with Blogger until now. Recently, Blogger has launched an option "Customize Your Search Preferences" in the setting page by which you may enable the option to write the meta description for each post inside your Blogger post editor like as WordPress.

    different meta description and meta keywords in Blogger posts
    Different Meta tags on Blogger for each posts

    Why to Add Unique Meta Description Tags to Blogger

    Google may use this Meta description as a snippet up to 150 characters long in the search result pages just below the title. In other words, a post snippet that clearly mentions what is your page about. If you have described well, you will get more exposure in search engines that affect improving in your CTR. Therefore, I recommend you to add unique or different Meta description tags to each of your indexed pages of your Blogger blog. You may find the duplicate pages or post that having the same Meta description via Google Webmaster Tools. Once you find, edit them and create unique description by this method mentioned below.

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    How to Add Different Meta Description Tags to Blogger like WordPress

    1. Sign into your Blogger Dashboard, and select proper blog.
    2. Now, click on Settings » Search preferences » Edit (in Description) under Meta tags as shown in the figure below.

      enable meta description option for post editor

      Now, enable search description by clicking on Yes, and write the homepage description in the box. Finally, click on Save changes.
    3. Now, go to your post editor where you write your posts. You will see another option "Search Description" on the right sidebar in post settings option as mention in the following preview.

      search description option in blogger posts

      Just click on search description, and write unique description along with your post and click on done. This description will now show on the search engines. If you don't see the search description option in your Blogger post editor after completing all the steps mention above. Follow the 4th step otherwise skip it.
    4. This is a step for those who never get the search description option in their Blogger post editor. You may find this problem if you are using some types of custom Blogger templates.
      Go to your Blogger Dashboard » Template(Under more options) » Edit HTML(and Proceed) ( Expand Widget Templates ) find the code (using ctrl+F) <head>, and just below this code paste the following code.

      <b:if cond='data:blog.metaDescription != &quot;&quot;'>
      <meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='description'/>

      Finally, click on Save template
    5. Now, whenever you write a new post, write unique description and then published your blog post. 
    6. Optional: If you are using any code for adding the meta description tags on your Blogger in the post. You may go to the Blogger HTML code editor, and find the code by searching "description" that include "meta" word in the code, delete them. Go back to the post editor, and edit your post then write description and click on update.
    7. You may check your currently meta description by this link. For example, copy this post URL, and paste it to the desired field, and click on Analyze URL.

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