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    Today, I have visited our Google+ account and find out a new tab called, communities. It can be a discussion forum for your brands such like a group on Facebook so that the users can post any questions directly through the community that may be visible to all of your community members. Google Plus always tries to give its best to all the features so for the community too. You may divide your communities to the categories, and share your posts in the different category's stream. You may create the communities in Google+ for public use or the private use. If you create Google+ community for public, you would have an option to join it by everyone or a moderator needs to approve. If you create the private Google+ community, you would have an option to hide this community from searches or people can find it and ask to join. Before joining communities on Google+, let us see the features:

    google plus community page
    Creating Community Page on Google Plus

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    Google+ Community Features

    • Talk about the stuff you’re into with people who love it too.
    • You may categories your discussion.
    • You or your members can start the hangouts.
    • You may choose your community to public or private use.
    • You or your members can post links, videos, events or photos as a discussion.
    • Bloggers can promote their posts or pages into the related communities with a dofollow linkback to the main source.

    To Add a Community Page on Google+

    1. Sign into your Google+ account.
    2. Look on the left tab, and click on communities.
    3. Now, click on CREATE A COMMUNITY.
    4. Choose what kind of community are you making Public or Private. Let we choose public.

      how to add a community page on Google Plus

      Write your community name, choose the permission, and click on Create community as mention on the above preview.
    5. Now, edit your community information like the below preview,

      how to edite the community page on Google+

      write your tagline, pick a photo, add category, description and location. Finally, click on SAVE.
      You can edit your community page anytime by visiting your community page -> Actions -> Edit community.
    6. Last step, Invite and share your community page with your friends, followers and fans. Don't forget to join our community page on Google+.

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