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    Do you want to hide the activities your existing Facebook apps send to your Facebook news feed? If yes, this post will let you do whatever you want for your existing or future installed Facebook apps. I am also a lover of Facebook social network, and including me, everyone wants to clean up their news feed. No one want to keep the unrelated content to their news feed, if your existing Facebook apps update any activity on your behalf, it will be displayed on your friend's news feed as unrelated content. Everyone is interested to your status updates make by you not by your apps. You may remove these types of apps from your Facebook account by the following way. Sometime we don't want the activities of an app, but need the application for further use, in that case you may change the visibility of status updates make by that app. Therefore, here is a guide to prevent unwanted status updates make by the Facebook apps.
    automatically post update to facebook by apps
    Prevent Facebook apps activites

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    How to Prevent Status Update Activities Posted by Facebook Apps

    • Login to your Facebook account.
    • Click on "Account Settings" under gear option.

      facebook account settings
    • Now, go to Apps tab from the left sidebar. you will see all the list of installed Facebook apps or used from third party. Choose each Facebook app you don't want to keep the activities, on the right side, click on Edit button.

      You may choose the app activities visibility under "Posts on your behalf" to Public, Friends, Only Me or Custom (show or don't show to individual friends or friend lists). If you don't want to show the app activities to anyone, you have to select "Only Me". You may even control that which information you want to shared with the app under "This app can also:" option, simply remove the data you don't want to shared with the cross sign placed on the right side. 
    • If you are no longer to use the app, simply remove it.

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