Block Unwanted Facebook Notifications | Block Friends for apps Request

Description: Clean your Facebook Notifications by blocking apps invitation or block friends for inviting applications.

Do you disturb when you see a lot of notifications on the top right corner in your Facebook account? If yes, this post is specially for you to get rid of unwanted notifications that send from a bunch of applications you have installed in your Facebook account. In previous post, you can control automatic Facebook status updates made by application. You can also browse some awesome tips to get rid of unwanted tagged photos on Facebook. This post will guide you to receive only important notifications, such as comments, likes or other activities from your friends, you can skip the unwanted notifications made by the third party Facebook applications, followers, tags, pages you manage and group activity. One of the most unwanted notification these days is from candy crush game application. You can also block this app here in this post or you may read my another post related to only candy crush app where you can stop candy crush requests and clean up pending requests.

Turning off the notifications is not a new feature in Facebook. However, these types of features are tuning on by default that you can change it later. Some people don't about it. Therefore, here is a simple guide to block annoying Facebook notifications.

blocking friends for inviting apps
Block Facebook application requests
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Block Unwanted/Annoying Facebook Notification Made by Applications

  • Go to your Facebook homepage/newsfeed.
  • Click on Notification icon at the top right corner before Home. Again click on See All.

    get notified by facebook application
  • Now click on Notification Settings.
  • Now click on Edit in App request and activity under 'What You Get Notified About'

    annoying facebook notification

    Unchecked the applications you do not want to notify.
    It is all about the applications you used on Facebook. Therefore, it will block the requests and activity only for the applications you have installed in your Facebook account. If you do not want to invites from the applications you never used before, proceed the following steps.

Turn off Notifications for a Particular Application Made by Your Friends

There is no doubt that the gaming feature of Facebook is unbeatable. I also enjoy the game like Candy Crush Saga on Facebook, but annoying when someone invites to play pet rescue saga again and again. In this method, we will turn off the notification for a particular application.
  • Go to your Facebook Newsfeed.
  • Click on Globe icon -> 'x' icon besides to app request -> Turn off.

    turning off facebook notification
  • Now, your friends can not be able to send that particular application request to you in the future. If you want to block a particular friend for inviting you to join any application on Facebook, follow the below steps.

Block Friends for Inviting Application or Block Particular Application on Facebook

In this method, you are completely manage to the application requests made by a particular friends or simply block a particular application for your Facebook account.
  1. Blocking friends for inviting any application request.

  2. Go to Facebook Feed -> Click on "Settings" under dropdown menu (On top right corner) -> Blocking (on the left sidebar)
    block apps on facebook
    In "Block app invites", type the name of your friends. You will automatically ignore future app requests from that friend. You may also block a particular friend for sending app request by click on "Ignore all invites from this friend" via the latest request.
  3. Block apps on Facebook.
    Simply follow the above screenshot. Look on the "Block apps", and type the name of application you do not wish to see in the future on your Facebook account. That's it!

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