How To See / View Online Friends on Facebook While Being Offline

Description: Show or See Online Friends on Facebook While You are Offline on Facebook Chat. Being Hidden! and Watch!

Do you want to see who is online on Facebook while you are offline? This post has a solution for you. In Gmail, you can easily check who is online without showing you online to your friends by choosing the invisible status. Therefore, you can always see who is online, but nobody could be able to see you online. In Facebook, There is no option to select your status as invisible in the chat. Therefore, if you want to show your online friends, you have to go online on Facebook. Thanks to a Facebook application that makes it possible to show the online friends while you are offline.

how to see online facebook friends when I am offline
See Your Online Facebook Friends While You are Offline

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How to Show Online Friends When You are Offline on Facebook

  1. Sign into Facebook, and go to offline from your chat.
  2. Now, click here on Show Online Friends in Facebook.
  3. It will ask to access your friend's information, click on Okay.
  4. Surprise, you will see your online friends here. This online friend list will refresh in every 30 sec. Take a following preview,

    how to show online facebook friends when you are offline
  5. Whenever you want to use this application, go to your wall stream page, and look on the left sidebar and click on Online Now under APPS section. If you don't see "Online Now" option here, then click on MORE and find it. Take a preview,

    online now application

    If you want to use this application on daily basis, you can move it to your FAVORITES section by clicking on the gear icon, and click on Add to Favorites.
  6. If you don't wish to use this application, you may remove this application from your profile by clicking on the "More" option, and click on the gear option right to the app, and click on "Remove App".

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