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Description: 2017, Easily change your Blogger static page URL. A guide for custom permalink structure for Blogger static pages.

Hello Bloggers and visitors. I am writing this post after a long time. Come back again in Blogging. Recently I have added a static page on my blog, but I couldn't find any way to create my own permalink structure for the page. Blogger doesn't allow me to create own static page URL but Blogger posts allowed it. I have searched over the web as much as possible, but I didn't find any way to do this. In the search, there are so many methods to do it and I have done almost all the possibilities, but I could not change the Blogger static page URL, since, there is no old Blogger interface I have found on the Blogger dashboard.

change urls in blogger static pages
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Finally, I have done it after some thing applying on our Blogger dashboard that I am sharing with you. I hope you would find it helpful if you are searching for the custom permalink for Blogger static pages. I have also changed the permalink structure for our label and static pages like a WordPress blog. You may check out it. Here is how to change Blogger static page URL.

Custom Permalink Blogger Pages | Change Blogger Static Page URLs

  1. Sign into your Blogger dashboard. Go to your blog.
  2. Click on Pages --> Do not click on New Page (first follow the below instruction, then proceed this second step).
  3. Minimize the browser, and go to your desktop. Right click on the desktop --> New --> Text Document (or create new document on your desktop).
  4. In the document, write the text separated with space that you want to use as a permalink, i.e., write "about me" for "domain/p/about-me.html". Copy the text.
  5. (read all text in this step, then do) Now, click on New page (as in step 2) and paste the text on the title, and the content field immediately. Make sure you have paste the code before auto save function activation otherwise it would not work.
  6. Once you proceed the above step successfully, you will get your own custom permalink for your static page. Now, delete the title, and write the main title you want, and write the content what you want to write, and publish it. That's it. 
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