Create Facebook Application / App ID | Link Existing Page to Facebook App

Description: Create your Facebook Application & App ID. Install Facebook JavaScript SDK to Blogger. Link your Existing Page to Facebook App.

In this tutorial we will generate a Facebook app ID by creating a Facebook application for our Blogger blog. The Facebook application ID will be unique for the Blog. In this post, we will also connect our Facebook fan page, and the blog with a unique Facebook application ID. If you don't have a Facebook page, you may read this post to create your Facebook page for your blog. Facebook developer website has got a new look in 2014 which has better UI, but I have found a question on many forums that how can you connect your existing Facebook page with the newly created Facebook app? In the new UI, once you create an application then you have to create a new page as mentioned in the app option. We will also discuss on this issue that how can you link your existing Facebook fan page with the Facebook app, and how can you find your Facebook application ID. Therefore, here is a quick guide to create a Facebook application.
create facebook app and find id
Create Facebook App/ID | Link Existing Page with App
Let's talk about the advantage to use the Facebook app for your Blogger.

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Advantage to Create Facebook Application for Blogger Blogs

Once you created your Facebook application, and linked it with your Facebook fan page. The application will give you a JavaScript SDK, including your Facebook app ID that you have to install into your Blogger blog. We will do it later, let's talk about the advantage.
  • When someone likes an article on your blog, it will show up on the user's timeline activity.
    how to show likes on recent activity
    Recent Activity shows the user's likes
    You can notice, the activity has the link back to the article with homepage user likes. It is because we have installed our Facebook application ID on this blog.
  • In addition with timeline activity, the same story will be posted on the friend's newsfeed of the liker.
    show the title, description and thumbnail by liking the page on Facebook
    The likes article has the title, description and a thumbnail.
    You can notice that the story user likes an article on "Blogger & SEO Technology" along with the blog icon due to the Facebook application.
  • Once you install the SDK, you don't need to paste script part whenever you want to add social buttons like Facebook share, recommend or follow button on your blog. You can just use HTML5 code instead. It will of-course reduce the loading time on your blog's pages.

How to create a Facebook Application & Install JavaScript SDK to Blogger

  • Log into Facebook, and go to Facebook Apps.
  • Click on "+Add a New App" on the top right corner.
  • A pop-up window will prompt up. Now, choose Website as a selected platform.
    Facebook Platefrom for Website
  • Choose the name of your application, It will appear on the activity, like my Facebook application name is "Blogger & SEO Technology". You should match your Facebook application name with your Existing Facebook fan page, if you want to link it later.
    how to create facebook app
    Now, click on Create New Facebook App ID.
  • Choose the category of your application. Select Apps for Pages, and hit Confirm button.
  • In the next screen, you will get your Facebook SDK (Software Development Kit) for your blog that you can install on your Blogger. Therefore, go to your Blogger dashboard ->  Select your Blog -> Template -> Edit HTML -> Click anywhere on the code, and hit ctrl + F, and find <body. Skit this step, if you have already installed the SDK before by searching with some peace of code on the given SDK. If you don't find the SDK on your Blogger, Just below <body tag paste the Facebook SDK, and hit on the Save template.
    Installing Facebook SDK on Blogger
  • Now, go to the Facebook application page, scroll down the page until you see "Tell us about your website". Write your site URL, and your mobile site URL. If your blog is hosted on Blogger, just add ?m=1 at the end of your blog URL for the Blogger mobile site.
    add your site url on facebook application
    Finally, click on Next. Scroll down to bottom, you will see a finished button. You have successfully created your Facebook application. If you also follow the above guideline, you have successfully installed the SDK into Blogger associated with your Facebook application.
  • Now, go to again on Facebook application page, and navigate to 'App Details', scroll down the page until you see 'Icons'. Upload your blog logo here on 'App Icon' and 'Small App Icon'. Make sure your photo must be transparent, and the same size as Facebook mention here. You can use your favicon as small app icon. The logo will appear on your shared articles.
  • Now, its time to publish your app so that it can be available to all public. Go to the application page, click on 'Settings', write your valid contact email ID under 'Contact Email'. Hit 'Save Changes'. Now, navigate to 'Status & Review' tab, and slide to 'Yes' make this application to live.
    Make your facebook application live`

Link Facebook Existing Fan Page with Created Facebook App

It is a tricky one.
  1. Go to the Facebook application page, click on Apps, choose your newly created application. Click on the 'Apps Details' in the left panel. You will see 'App Page' under 'contact info'. You can create a new page to link that application for the page, but there could be no option to link the existing page with this application. That is why this step is tricky one.
  2. For this issue, go top your Facebook page that you want to link with this application, click on page Settings -> Page info -> Edit under category. Now, choose Brands & Products in the category, and choose App Page as a subcategory. Finally click on Save Changes.
  3. Now, again go to your Facebook application page. Click on 'Apps Details', look at 'App Page' under 'Contact info'. You will have an option to choose the existing Facebook page to this application. Simply choose it, and click on Save Changes.
Now, you have successfully linked your Facebook application with your Facebook page. If you want to change back the category of your Facebook page, you can.

How to Find Facebook Application ID / App Secret

Just go to Facebook developer page, and click on Apps on the top. Select the Application for which you want to find the ID or Secret key. You will get it in the home page.
find facebook application id or app secret key

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