View Full Size Facebook Photos in Newsfeed without Clicking on it!

Description: View the full size image/photo in your Facebook news feed without going to click on the Facebook photo.

Today, I am going to show you an awesome technique to view photos on Facebook newsfeed. We are all known that the photos are the best way to speak thousand of words, and we are generally using it. Do you know how many photos are being shared on Facebook? Around 40% status updates contain photos on Facebook that is why when you look at on your newsfeed, you'll also get the most status updates containing photos.
Each time we find image on the newsfeed, we've to click on it to see the full size image. Think how many images you look on the newsfeed, and how many times you'd like to click on it. I think it is time consuming. Here is a best way to view the newsfeed images without the click or by hovering the mouse (Just move your cursor on the image) on the images, you'd be able to see the full size image as a pop near the photo.

full size facebook photos on newsfeed
View Full Size Facebook Photos on News Feed Without Click

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It is basically a browser extension. You must use anyone of the following browsers.
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
Therefore, here is a quick guide to show the full size Facebook Photos in newsfeed without click.

Show/View/Zoom Facebook Full Size Photos on News Feed Without Theater View

Just go to here, and click on button associated with your browser. Install the extension as you normally installation. Have difficulties, follow the steps.
  • Firefox Users: Once you clicked on the button, click on "Allow" near the URL field. Finally, click on Install Now button. Restart you browser.
  • Google Chrome Users: Once you clicked on the button, it will open in a new tab. Click on +Free button, and again click on "Add". The chrome extension will now install. After complete installation +Free button will converted to Add to Chrome button. Restart your browser.

    After the restart of your browser, open Facebook, you'd see an additional icon near the chat bar by which you can on/off the photo zoom feature.

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