Make Facebook Profile Picture or Photo not Clickable / Unclickable

Description: Easy Way to Make Your Facebook Profile Picture not Clickable or Make Facebook Photo Private.

Do you want to make your Facebook profile picture not clickable or unclickable? This post will guide you to make your profile picture privately. As we all know, Facebook is the most famous social media site in the world, and it has top level privacy system so that you can fully control your data over Facebook. You can even control on your each status updates that how they can share with. You can also read our previous articles related to the Facebook privacy such as, read Facebook messages without seen,  show online friends without being online, hide your mobile numbers and block automatic status update activities. Therefore, here is a quick guide to make Facebook profile picture not clickable.

make facebook profile picture not clickable
Make Facebook Profile Picture Private

Whom should make Facebook Profile Picture not Clickable

This post is specially for the girls who don't want to get downloaded their profile picture by the users on Facebook. The most advantage of this method is that you can show off your original profile picture on Facebook, and no one can download it for any type of misuse. For your information, there are so many spammers exist on the web who download the real photo of girls, and using Photoshop or another tool to create the pornography pictures. If you aware from this issue, either don't upload your real profile picture on the web or you can make your profile picture not clickable. The users only see the small photo frame on your timeline. Since the photo is in small size, and if the user is more advance, then they can also download the picture that is in small size, but if they increase the size the picture quality will destroy so no use of it.

How to Make Facebook Profile Picture not Clickable

  1. Login to your Facebook account, and go to your timeline.
  2. Click on your Profile picture.

    not clickable image on Facebook
  3. Once you clicked, the photo will open in the theater view. Now click on the globe icon as shown in the following preview, and click on "Only Me" to make it private.
    private facebook profile picture
  4. That's it. Your Facebook profile picture is now become not clickable.
This is a micro tip to make your Facebook profile picture not clickable. Hopes it will help you to make it private. For more tips and tricks on Facebook like us on Facebook.

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