Read Messages on Facebook Without Showing SEEN to Friends

Description: Now, you can read messages on Facebook without showing to friends that you have read it. Disable "SEEN" to friends.

How to read messages on Facebook without showing seen to friends? This is a message that I have seen many times in my inbox so I had tried it to sort out this issue. I have found many solutions online, but all of them some uses applications, browsers extensions or scrips to sort out the "seen" privacy issue on Facebook. I generally do not like to use any third party application to our Facebook account, and tried to hide the "seen" function without using any browser extension or installing third party application. Finally, I have found it that is a micro trick. Therefore, here is a quick guide for you to read messages on Facebook without showing seen to your friends.

read message on facebook hiding seen on friends
Read Messages on Facebook Without Showing SEEN to Friends

Benefit to Hide SEEN, If you read message

Yes, I know Facebook is a brand social media. Facebook has top level privacy policies for their users. You can easily hide your Facebook profile from search engines, hide mobile numbers, block applications, block friends and download your Facebook information. Similar as above, Facebook also allows you to control over Seen function which display on the friend's end, once you read their massages. I repeat, Facebook has this privacy too, since it has top level privacy system. Mostly person don't know this micro trick. Many of the users are here on Facebook who don't wish to show off that he/she reads message sent by someone. Let's take an interesting example;

Let's you have a girl friend who sent a message to you, and you read it but you were so busy, and could not be able to reply her, and you did not reply to her. Do you know what will happen? Next time, you'd talk with her. It would be happen something like the following;
GF: Why did you not reply me?
You: I had no time.
GF: OK, you hadn't time even for me.......
You: hmmm, actually I had not seen your message.
GF: Can I send you a screenshot when had you seen my message?
You: offo....
and fighting starts.......

So the simple tip is that using this micro trick, and stay away from such types of conversation that leads fight. :)

Disable SEEN to Friends, When you Read their Messages on Facebook

  1. Once you see a notification on your message icon, click on the message icon.
    message notification on facebook
  2. Choose any unread message, and open it as you normally open. Message will open on the bottom right area. Read it.
  3. Once you read the message, again click on the message icon, and click on "Mark as unread" as mention below.
    mark as unread messages on facebook
    Once you do it. The message will be again convert into the unread message, and your friend will never be notified that you have seen the message. 
I hope, this micro tip would help you to hide seen to your friends when you read their messages on Facebook. Please share you feedback with us via comments or if you have any other method except using third party apps or scrips, please share with us.

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