Add Different Meta Description Tags to Blogger Posts using Post Editor

Description: Write different or unique Meta Description Tags to Blogger posts via Blogger post editor, description settings on Blogger

Do you want to add different meta description on each post on Blogger? This post is all about the Blogger description and SEO i.e., how can meta description affects your search ranking? How to add meta tags on Blogger using blog post editor? We will discuss all those things in the following content. In WordPress blog, you can easily add meta description while writing your post, but in Blogger, you would not find any option to write the post description while writing your post in the default post editor. However, there is an option inside your Blogger dashboard to enable the search description option in your blog post editor. Once the option enabled, you can write the unique description while writing your post similar as on WordPress blog. You should also read top 3 basic SEO mistakes to avoid Google panda & penguin penalties from your blog.

how to guide for adding different meta tags in blogger
Add different Meta Description in Blogger

Why to Add Unique Meta Description Tags to Blogger

When you search on Google, you'll find each result with a title, snippet content along with the URL. We will focus on snippet content that is what we are talking about in this post. Basically, snippet content is some piece of content, not longer than 150 characters, inside your post that Google uses as a description in their search results.

If you don't use meta description tag to your post, then Google will identify some piece of content from your post that containing the keywords, and specify the post subject which is decided by Google in random way. Google can use different snippet content as a description for same post in their search results according to the search queries.

In other words, a post snippet that clearly mentions the subject of the post, called description. If you have written a good description including your keywords, Google will always pickup that description instead of find out the snippet content from the post. If you have described post description well, it can boost your rankings and CTR (click through rate) in the search results.

I highly recommend you to add unique description manually to each indexed posts on your Blogger. You can find the duplicate pages or posts that having the same meta description via Google Webmaster Tool. Once you find, edit them and create different description by using this method.

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How to Add Different Meta Description Tags to Blogger like WordPress

  1. Sign into your Blogger Dashboard, and select proper blog.
  2. Now, click on Settings » Search preferences » Edit (in Description) under Meta tags as shown in the following preview.

    enable meta description option for post editor

    Now, enable search description by clicking on Yes, and write the homepage description in the box. Finally, click on Save changes.
  3. Now, go to your post editor where you write the posts. You will see another option "Search Description" on the right sidebar in post settings option as mention in the following preview.

    search description option in blogger posts

    Just click on search description, and you can write unique description that tells about your post to the users. It will also display on the search results as post snippet (as description).
    P.S: Google still may display other snippet as a description from your post content depending upon the search queries, but if you have written a well structured description that includes your keywords too, it would be higher chances that Google will display your manual description. Make sure your manual description could not exceed 160 characters.
    Once you have setup the search preferences, and still don't see the 'Search Description' option under your Blogger post editor. Proceed step 4, otherwise skip it.
  4. This is a step for those who never get the search description option on their Blogger post editor due to the custom Blogger templates.
    Go to your Blogger Dashboard » Template(Under more options) » Edit HTML, click anywhere on the source code then press (ctrl+F), and search <head>, copy the following code, and paste it just below to <head> code.

    <b:if cond='data:blog.metaDescription != &quot;&quot;'>
    <meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='description'/>

    Finally, click on Save template
  5. Now, whenever you write a new post, write unique description and then published your blog post. 
  6. Optional: If you are using any code for adding the meta description tags on your Blogger in the past. You may go to the Blogger HTML code editor, and find the code by searching "description" that include "meta" word in the code, delete them. Go back to the post editor, and write the description associated with the post, and click on update.
  7. You may check your currently meta description by this link. For example, copy this post URL, and paste it to the desired field, and click on Analyze URL.

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