Is Allowed Google Adsense Ads Below/Above Post Title/Post Content

Description: Allow or Doesn't allow Google Adsense Ads Below Post Title or Above Post Title? Adsense Policy for above the Post Content Placement.

is allowed google adsense ads below to post title
Google Adsense below to Post Title
Do you want to add your Google Adsense ad below post title area? If yes, I would recommend, you must read the following article otherwise Google may ban you for violating their policies. Below the post title or above the content area is a top eye catching area on the websites that leads the higher CTR in returns. You would also get the higher CPC on that place, since it is on above the fold area. If you are showing ads below post title, you must take care about the Google Adsense policies. If you don't take care about Adsense, then Adsense would not take care about you.

Yes, it is possible to showing your ads below to post title or above the post content area, but it has some circumstances that you should follow. There are many users who had getting banned by Google Adsense team for 'Invalid Clicks Activity'. It may be happen because they hadn't followed the Google Adsense policies. Always follow the policies, you will always be stand on the safe side. Therefore, here is some points to be noted for allowing Google Adsense ad below post title or above content area.
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Lets remembering the major policy for making a long relationship with Google Adsense.
- Never ever encourage users to click on Google ads by writing the phrases as "Support us", "click the ads", "visit these links" or any other sentences.
- Do not tell to click on your ads on the social networking sites.
- If you want to label your Adsense ads, you must label it with "Advertisements" or "Sponsored Links".

Google Adsense Policies to Allow Ads below Post Title

Your Title should not be Implies that the Ads are not Ads:

For example, if your title is "Top Earning Sites" or "Today's Hot Deals". Placing an ads below that  type of titles will look like a publisher created content to your visitors. Below is an example which doesn't follow Google Adsense guideline.

google adsense are not allowing ads below to that types of titles
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Solution to this issue: The idea is simple “publishers may not label the Google ads with text other than ‘sponsored links’ or ‘advertisements’. Inadvertently the blog post titles were acting as labels above the ads. Thus to comply with the terms, we had to introduce the word “Advertisements” over our Adsense units, said Google Adsense Team.
Replace the below code with your Adsense ad code that you want to add below the post title

<span style="color: #bdc3c7; display: block; font-family:Arial,Verdana,sans-serif;font-size: 12px;">Advertisement</span>
<hr />

Don't forget to paste your Adsense ad code instead of 'YOUR ADSENSE CODE HERE' in the above code.

Ads should not be similar as your surrounding links:

For example, if you have a group of links in your website, and you have created an ad unit from Google Adsense with the same title color, line spacing, line height with the group of links. In this case, placing ads surrounding to the group of links will look like a publisher created content. It is a violation of Google Adsense policy. Take a look on the following example that doesn't follow the Adsense guideline..

google adsense guideline below post title to show ads
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Solution: In this case, you can change the link color in your ad unit to differentiate the ad unit from the group of links. You may change the background color of your ad unit.

Update-1: You may not use 300x250 or bigger ad unit below the post title in your mobile site. It will push down the content. If your site is responsive, you may use responsive ad unit with "data-ad-format=horizontal". It will serve the horizontal size ads below to your post title. You can see a live example into this article. You can also use Custom size ad unit to display different ad sizes for different devices.

Conclusion: Placing an ad below to post title in your website or blog is a win-win situation for the publishers as well as advertisers because the place is on the above to fold area that is first impression on your website. Surely, it will increase your CTR & you will get the higher CPC for that place too. It is now clear, you can show Adsense ads below to post title according to the Official Google Adsense blog, but you must follow the terms & condition as we have described into this post.

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