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Description: Who are Facebook Subscribers? Easy steps to enable or allow Facebook Subscribers. Manage your Facebook Subscriptions.

Facebook offers you to allow or disallow subscribers for your public profile. You have to enable this feature from inside your Facebook profile settings, since it is disabled by default. Some months back, let you wanted to get updates from my public profile (from, Mohammad Shadab) into your newsfeed, it was impossible to get updates since you are not my friend. You could only get updates from your friends into your newsfeed. Now, Facebook subscriber feature comes to the picture, and you may get status updates from the persons who are not your friend, and allowed subscribers, by subscribed to them. Once you enable Facebook subscribers feature, everyone would be eligible for subscribe to your public profile. In this post, we will show you step by step guide to enable the Facebook subscriber feature. Let's see what is Facebook subscriber, and its feature, what are the benefits for enabling the Facebook subscribers feature? Who should enable subscriber feature? Let's talk about those questions in details.
allow Facebook subscribers or disallow
Allow Facebook Subscribers
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What is Facebook subscriber | What are Facebook Subscriptions

In the simple words, get updates from the people you are interested in, even if you are not their friend. You have been already subscribed to your friends so that is why you are getting their public updates into your news feed. You can also see the updates from the users who are not your friends, but you have subscribed to them. The peoples who are subscribed to you, called your subscriber. If you are subscribed to any person, called your subscriptions.

What is the Difference between Facebook subscribers and Friends?

Before launch of Facebook subscribe feature, if you wanted to get public status updates of any person then you had to send a friend request to them but not sure your request would be accepted or not but if they do not accepted your friend request, your account contains one pending friend request. If your Facebook account have many pending request then your account will marked as a spammer that sends friend request to strangers. My friends have reported me that they could not send friend request due to this penalty. Yes, I know you have sent friend request to them because you wanted to get updates from them. Thanks to Facebook that launched the Facebook subscriber feature, and the problem has been resolved. Now, you can view the public status updates of any person who allowed subscribers without sending friend request any more. Go to profile page of the user, and click on the subscribe button to get their public status updates into your newsfeed.

What are the features of Facebook Subscribe button?

The Facebook subscriptions have so many advantages, including control the flow of your newsfeed stream. In my case, I have many friends, and I have joined various groups and pages into my profile so the flow of my wall stream getting so fast that obviously interrupt me. I have unsubscribed to some friends and pages that I don't want to see in my newsfeed. You can also control the flow of your newsfeed by your Facebook subscriptions feature. If you have so many friends in your Facebook profile and you do not need to get updates from your some friends then you may easily unsubscribe them by going to their profile. You have also some options in your subscriptions that, what type of activity you want to update with your friends/subscriptions, e.g., Life events, status updates, photos, games, comment and likes, music and videos and other activity.

How To Enable/Allow Facebook Subscribers Feature

Log into Facebook, and allow users to get your public updates by going to Allow Facebook Subscriber and select 'Everybody' under who can follow me. Once you allowed followers to anybody, everyone can be get your public status updates.

facebook follower settings to everybody

You have also options to control the notifications for your subscribers. Look on the above preview, you can control who can comments on your status updates under 'follower comments', and set from whom you wish to get notifications under 'follower notifications'. If you choose everybody to any options, it would be eligible for your subscribers too.

Keep in mind, only the public status updates can be viewable by your Facebook subscribers. This is also true for your Facebook subscriptions.

How to Disable/Disallow Facebook Subscriber Feature

If you don't want to have Facebook subscribers, simply revert back 'everybody' to 'friends' as in the above preview. Once you disallow Facebook subscribers, all your existing subscribers will vanishes from your profile. They are not longer to see your public status updates into their news feed. In future, let you have changed your mind, and again you have allowed subscribers to your profile, the existing followers will be restored. This is also happen if you deactivate and then activate your account.

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