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Description: A quick guide to remove Blogger homepage title from the post titles on Blogger. Swap Blogger post titles on Static Pages.

Do you want to remove the homepage title from your posts on Blogger? Do you want to just swap the order of post titles from the default 'homepage title | post title' to 'post title | homepage title'? The post title is an important tag in term of SEO. If you don't optimize your post titles, you'll lose the search traffic to your blog. If you are writing a post, you must take care about to choose the title of the current post because it is a first impression by which users make a decision to visit the page in the search engine's results. You must be included the targeted keywords to your blog post title. Keep in mind, don't use so many keywords in the title that will give the bad user experience as well as bad for search engines as a spam. The official Blogger templates are developed by 2007, and no update we have found till to date. Google has changed many algorithms to find out the better search results. The default Blogger templates are not SEO friendly with Google's algorithms so we have to take an action to our blog's SEO structure. This blog also hosted on Blogger, and we have made many changes to make this blog more SEO friendly for the search engines, i.e., on page optimization, off page optimization and SEO optimization for Blogger images. In this tutorial, we will discuss about the Blogger title. Therefore, here is a quick guide to remove Blogger homepage title from posts. Firstly, let we talk about the default Blogger titles.

swap your blogger title in posts
Remove HomePage Title or Swap your Blogger Post Title

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Suppose, your Blogger homepage title is Blogger Tips and Tricks, and you have created a post with the title, how to swap post title in Blogger? Now, it is obvious, your homepage title will be Blogger Tips and Tricks, but your published post's title would be Blogger Tips and Tricks: how to swap post title in Blogger, which is the default setting of blogspot blogs, having the negative rule in SEO. I cannot understand why the Blogger theme developers want to show the brand name in the starting of title. Instead of, better to show the brand name at the end of the titles. The reason is that the major search engines highly impact on the starting words of the titles so if your post titles start with your brand name then the actual post keywords always placed at the end of the title. In that case, you are helping to your competitors. Is not it true? Therefore, I highly recommend you to change this title setting inside your Blogger, and move your blog to the next level. By swapping your post title in Blogger posts, your post title will become as How to swap post title in Blogger: Blogger Tips and Tricks, which is much better than the default title, since it has the targeted keywords at the starting. You may look of this post's title, move your cursor to the browser's tab. I never use the brand name in our post title, we will discuss it later. Therefore, here is how to make Blogger titles more SEO friendly.

We will show you two ways to optimize your Blogger title for search engines.
  1. Swap Blogger Post's title for each page.

    (Recommended by Many Webmasters)
  2. Remove homepage title in Blogger post's title.

    (Recommended by Me)(Using in this Blog)

Why are we talking about two methods, let's take an example to showing you what we want to do,

swap blogger post title in blogs
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Figure 1.1

as you can see in the above preview, I have categorized it into 3 parts. 1 and 2 are based on my first method, "Swap Blogger post title." If you want to go with this method, higher chances to overloaded your title in search. It is not best for user experience, in returns, low CTR (click through rate). 3 is based on my second method, "Remove homepage title in Blogger post title." It is clearly showing that you can include more keywords in the post title without breaking the minimum characters criteria in search results. In that case, your post title now has the targeted keywords, which is a good sign for SEO. Keep in mind, the page title should be between 40 to 70 character limit. Follow the steps for both methods.

How To Swap Post Title With Blog Title In Blogger: First Method

--> Sign in to your Blogger Dashboard:

adding favicon in blogs

--> Click on Template under more options::

create facvicon for blogger

-- > Click on Edit HTML::

how to add favicon

-- > Now proceed to editing and [Don't forget to backup your template] click on anywhere on the code then press (ctrl+F) to find the <title><data:blog.title/></title> code. Replace the code with the following code.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> |<data:blog.title/></title>
Code 1.1

Look at preview if all is correct then save template.

Now you have successfully swapped your post title with blog title in Blogger. Basically, your titles for every page should be at most 65 characters and if you exceed this limit then it will be overloaded as you can see in the figure 1.1 in 2. number and also it gives the bad impression on the search engine pages which causes the low CTR on search engines. If you just swap the titles inside your post pages, some characters will be always reserved for the homepage title let's it is 30 characters. You should use at most 65 characters into your post titles otherwise if you exceed this limit your post title would be overloaded in the search results that returns the low CTR. Now, you have only (65 - 30 = 35) 35 characters that can be use to create your post titles which is extremely low to identify your subject, and you can't be able to use your keywords within 35 characters criteria. If you don't care about the overloaded property of your title in the search results, you can go with the above method. I highly recommend you to go with the second method, If your blog generate revenue like from Google Adsense & BuySellAds. Once you apply the second method, your search engine rankings would be significantly increased. The more search traffic you have, the most revenue you get from the blog. In the second method, I have also optimized the title of Blogger static pages. I have used the swapping of title on the static pages since it has the short page name like about me and sitemap. You may also create the URL of  Blogger static pages with your own choice.  Therefore, here is a quick guide to remove the Blogger homepage title.

How to Remove Homepage Title from Posts on Blogger: Second Method

Let's talk about the solutions, when you apply this method. What will you get in returns?

1. How to change post title with homepage title on Blogger.

[No swapping for 65 character criteria]

2. How to swap post title for static pages in blogger.

[Since static pages have shortest title]

3. How to optimize post title for better search engine optimization SEO.

[include your targeted keywords]

The following code will be cover all the above solution, just copy the below code instead of code1.1 and paste it into your Blogger template editor as you did before.
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "static_page"'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>

The above code is nothing but the game of if-else conditions which we have applied several times during our boring semesters in C or C++ programming [just kidding!]. Now if you have any doubt or could not be understand what does these code means then feel free to ask me here as a comment. You can also subscribe us via the right sidebar email subscription.

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