How to Add/Use/Show/Enable Blogger Mobile Template

Description: A guide to enable mobile template on Blogger. Use or Show or Add Blogger mobile templates.

Do you want to show a mobile version of your Blogger blog to mobile visitors? If yes, here is a quick and easy tip to enable or disable the mobile version of your Blogger blogs. If you don't have a Blogger blog or you are using any static websites, then you need to create a light version of your website that will be open in mobile's browsers. Blogger had already launched its mobile templates, so if you are using Blogger blog then you don't to design any light version of your blog because Google had already done it for you, just you have to enable or disable it by some clicks. Therefore, here is quick guide to show Blogger mobile template to mobile users.
enable or disable mobile template on blogger
Blogger Mobile Technology for Template

Let's talk about its advantage to use Blogger Mobile Template.

  • Once you enable Blogger mobile template, Blogger will show the web version for the system (laptops, computer) users, light version (mobile) for the mobile users. You don't need to do anything, Blogger will do it automatically.
  • The web version of any site contains many JavaScript, Jquery and graphics, it will take so much time to load a full page in mobile version that is why the professionals have a light version of their websites to display for mobile users. The light version of a website doesn't keep the heavy scripts and graphics. Blogger mobile templates are also based on the text format that doesn't have heavy scripts and graphics.
  • Blogger mobile templates are light version compared to its web version. It means your blogs will load faster on mobile phones that are a good signal for the mobile traffics and mobile SEO.
  • The light version of a website has light weight (size) so while surfing your website the user can save some internet plan data which is a good part for mobile traffic.
  • The mobile Blogger templates are easy to navigate on mobiles, no need to zoom-in or zoom-out to view the full page of your blogs which leads a better user interface (UI).
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How to Add/Show/Use/Enable Blogger Mobile Templates for your Blogger

  1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard --> Click on Template under more options::

    create facvicon for blogger
  2. Click on gear option under Mobile.
  3. Now, select "Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices".

    blogger mobile template option in blogger
    You may choose any mobile template type as default, simple or custom. Once you selected the type you will see a preview of your changes. Finally, click on 'Save' button.
Once you have enabled your mobile template, you can open mobile version of your Blogger template in your computer's browser by adding ?m=1 at the end of your URL, i.e.,

I hope this article helps you to enable or disable Blogger mobile template for your blogs. However, if you don't wish to use the default Blogger mobile templates, you can make your Blogger template responsive that using minimum scripts. Once you have responsive design for your Blogger blog then disable the mobile template option to show the responsive design for mobile users. You can see our blog version on the mobile devices that has responsive design.

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