WhatsApp: Write/Type Hindi on Android Mobile including Facebook

Description: An easy way to type or write in Hindi Text on Android Mobile Phones including WhatsApp & Facebook. Type in Hindi in WhatsApp & Facebook App.

Have you an android mobile? Do you want to write/type in Hindi in WhatsApp or Facebook app on your android mobile phones? This post will guide you to do it in an easy way. Whatever you want to type in Hindi, just types the words in English which will change automatically into Hindi fonts. You can use it anywhere on the text area inside your android mobile. One thing I really like for using this application is you don't need to do anything for reverting back to English default keyboard. The app also have awesome English keyboard with different styles. Therefore, stop searching for "how to type in hindi in whatsapp", and proceed the steps to write your first FB status in Hindi in your Facebook application.

If you can read स्वागतम correctly on your android phone, you may further proceed to the following post, otherwise your android mobile may not support Devanagari script.

If you want to type कैसे हो जनाब, just type kaise ho janaab in English as you normally type, it will automatically be converted into Hindi. However, you can also change the keyboard's fonts to Hindi itself for typing in Hindi. If you type in Hindi by using tap on the Hindi fonts, you might not write in speedy mode. The generally users select the automatic conversion from English to Hindi. Therefore, here is quick guide to type Hindi on Android Mobile Phones including WhatsApp & Facebook app.

write in hindi on facebook & whatsapp
Type/Write in Hindi on WhatsApp & Facebook
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How to Type in Hindi in WhatsApp & Facebook App on Android Mobile   

  1. Go to this application Google Hindi Input, and install the application on your android mobile.
  2. Once you installed the application, go to Settings > Language & input, under 'KEYBOARD & INPUT METHODS', make a check in 'Google Hindi Input'. Now tap on the 'Default', and select 'Hindi' under 'Choose input method'.

    type in hindi settings

    If you are using older version of Android like Android 2.x,
    Open Settings -> Language & keyboard, under “Keyboard settings” section, check Google Hindi input.
    When typing in an input box, long press in the box and select “Input method” in the popup menu, then select “Google Hindi Input”.
  3. Now, you have successfully chosen the default keyboard to Hindi. When typing in an input box, select 'a>अ' to toggle the transliteration mode on/off. If it is off, it will write in English otherwise Hindi.
  4. You can also type in Hindi by taping on the Hindi fonts by selecting the globe icon on the keyboard. Press & hold the globe icon to set the default input method.
    Conclusion: I am really thankful to Google that created such a nice Google Hindi Input application, and offers it free of cost. I hope, if you are a Facebook or WhatsApp user, you may really like this application to type/write in Hindi on your android mobile phones. For more news, you may subscribe us for free!

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