Create/Add HTML Signature/Image Signature To Gmail Sent Messages

Description: Add HTML Signature with Images to Gmail Account in Sent Messages. Automatic adding signature to Gmail messages.

Do you want to add HTML signature below to each sent messages on Gmail? In this guide, I will show you an inbuilt feature in Gmail that lets you add your signature with links without any HTML. Signature basically placed in the bottom of every sent message, and you may add your social profiles and website links. In that way, you can make additional audience for the social profiles, and additional traffic to your site. When someone sends message to me, I try to find more info about him/her via their social profiles through HTML signature, and visit their website. It may be also happen for others. You can see a screenshot of our Gmail signature. Whenever I send messages to our subscribers, signature automatically added to be in the sent messages. Therefore, here is quick guide to add HTML signature to Gmail messages.

how to add html signature in gmail
Signature in Gmail Account
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Adding HTML Signature with Images to Gmail Email Account

Sign into your Gmail Account and then go to the gear icon or options and click on Settings as the following preview,
reach to gmail signature settings

Now, scroll down the page until you see 'signature' section under General tab which is by default selected.
You will have now text formatting toolbar for creating your signature. Look on the following preview.

creating gmail signature

To make any clickable link just write your text and select it, click on the hyperlink icon, and type the destination link, finally click on 'OK'.

If you want to add an image to this box, you have to upload your image on other image hosting sites (you can Google it for image hosting sites). Once you find it, just upload your image and copy the direct link of that image. Now, click here on the image thumbnail in text formatting toolbar that will ask you for the direct link, simply paste your image's direct link here. It will show up now in that box.

You can also add a clickable link on the image, just select your image and click on the hyperlink icon, write your destination link, and click on 'OK'.

Once you finished the signature's design, scroll down the page, and click on 'save changes'.

To confirm you have successfully created your own signature, click on Compose mail you will see your signature.


If you are a webmaster, Blogger, Developer or internet marketer, you should use signature having your social profiles and websites in your email clients. It is also a best way to explore you. Trust me, every professionals using signature features for their email clients. If you are Gmail users, you should add a custom signature for your Gmail account.

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