Create Your Look Back Story 'Movie' on Facebook & Share with Friends

Description: Creating a look back story movie based on the last 5 years Facebook timeline story. Select who can see your look back story in news feed.

Do you want to create your look back story on Facebook? If yes, here is a quick guide by which you can easily create your own look back story like recently trending say thanks story over Facebook, and Year in Review Facebook stories. Look back story is basically stand for highlighting you since your Facebook joining. The look back story highlights you from your 5 years on Facebook. You will have various options while creating your look back story i.e., your first moment's pictures, most liked posts, uploaded photos and photo grids.

creating your look back story on facebook

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Who can Create Look Back Story on Facebook

Look Back Story depends on how long you have been on Facebook and how much you have shared on Facebook. If you are not an old Facebook user or you have not shared enough posts, you may not create your look back story on Facebook because the link of look back story would not work for you.

How to Control who can See my Look Back Story

Once you have created your look back story on Facebook, click on 'Share Your Movie', while you sharing, use audience selector to adjust who you are sharing it with. keep in mind the things, you have included in your movie, you have shared with a few people will be able to view by other persons depending on the audience selector.

How to Create Look Back Story on Facebook

  1. Sign into your Facebook account, and click here for look back story.
  2. Scroll down the page slowly, you may have some options to include or exclude the photos for your look back story. Simply choose them one by one. You may go to the next page on any option by selecting next button in front of each story type.
  3. Once you have selected posts to include in your look back story, you can view it directly on the top Facebook video player.
  4. If all is going well, finally click on 'Share Your Movie' button at the top of the current page. You may also choose who can see this video via audience selector. Finally hit on 'Share' button.
  5. It will go online after some moments.
  6. If you want to read a brief documentation about 'Look Back Story', you may read on official Facebook website.


Each and everyone likes different thing in a normal routine life. Look back story on Facebook is a good way to present your 5 year back life story within minutes to your Facebook friends. You are almost know about 'Say thanks' story which is also a great feature provided by Facebook to show your love to your lovable friends. Mostly users don't know they can create another story that is 'Look Back Story' for their life, and you can share it with your friends. I hope, you will also enjoy sharing your life story with your friends. If you really like this feature provided by Facebook, you may share this post with your friends.

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