Upload/Host JavaScript .JS files to Blogger for Unlimited Bandwidth

Description: An easy way to Upload or Host JavaScript .JS files to Blogger for unlimited Bandwidth. Convert all External to Internal JavaScript in Blogger.

Host your JavaScript .js files to your Blogger blogs to take its maximum benefits. However, there are no official notification for hosting your JavaScript files to Blogger. You can either use external or internal JavaScript file for your Blogger, but if you are using external JavaScript files into your Blogger, loading time of your blog could be slow due to the additional HTTP requests. If you want to optimize your blog's loading time, one of the best way is to reduce the external HTTP requests from your site. Once you host your JavaScript files to Blogger itself you are reducing external HTTP requests. I recommend you, go to your Blogger source code and find out all the possible external JavaScript files, open it to new window, copy all the content that we will use to host the JavaScript into Blogger by the following method.

how to upload javascript file to blogger
Host/Upload JavaScript Files to Blogger

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You don't need to host JavaScript file which is already hosted on top class hosted server into your Blogger i.e., Google library .js including plusone.js, jquery.min.js.

The second advantage for using Blogger to host JavaScript files is unlimited bandwidth. If you wish to know more about bandwidth, I have already discussed it in this post, host high quality images to Blogger. Let's talk about the advantages by using Blogger to host your JavaScript files.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Fast loading time or 100% uptime
  • Upload JavaScript .js files for life time

Upload JavaScript .JS files to Blogger for Unlimited Bandwidth

If you want to upload any JavaScript file to your Blogger, you should have that file into your desktop or you can find already hosted external JavaScript files from your Blogger source code. To find out the external JavaScript files from your Blogger dashboard, follow the guideline.

just go to Blogger Dashboard -> Select your Blog -> Template -> Edit HTML -> Click anywhere on source code, press Ctrl+F to find the following code. You may search with '.js' or '<script' without code.

<script src='http://Your-Site-URL/filename.js' type='text/javascript'/>

Now, copy the link URL of JavaScript file which is http://Your-Site-URL/filename.js in my above code. Open this URL into your new window. You can either copy all the text data directly or you may download that file and copy the content by opening it via word-pad. I assume, you have copied the text data lets say it code 1.1.

Now, you will have to add some piece of code into your copied data, code 1.1, that will inform to Blogger for a JavaScript file.

 <script type='text/javascript'>
<-- Paste Your JavaScript .js Code 1.1 here -->

Now, copy entire code as mentioned above, let's say it is code 1.2. Now, go to Blogger Dashboard -> Select your Blog -> Template -> Edit HTML -> Click anywhere on source code, press Ctrl+F to find this code <head>. Once you find it, paste your entire code 1.2 just below to <head> tag. Now, finally hit on 'Save Template'.


If you are using your Blogger server for hosing external JavaScript files, in return you will get unlimited bandwidth and top class up-time for lifetime. I am already using Blogger to host any third party JavaScript files without any issue. You should take a chance to your Blogger. You may subscribe us for free! to know more about Blogger tips and tricks.

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